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Sat Nov 3, 2018, 12:37 PM

 I'm quite innactive here, sorry for that >< But I'm alive /o/
I just work hard on a video game project that we made with some friends ! And maybe it's time to talk about it ! 8D

Let me introduce you, Valentyne Stories - Necromancy !

VSNFINALPetit by Sallynyan
art by Wanini 



New canvajksvfcb (1)sqfqs by Sallynyan

Valentynes Stories Necromancy will be a Boys Love visual novel, where the story and multiple choices will prevail. Of course there will be an important romance aspect, but we want, first of all, to tell a story, and we think that love stories are way better when they're not the plot of a story. Falling in love is nice, falling in love while living an adventure is better !

He'll be available in French and English, on Steam and



New canvajksvfcb (1)sqfqsygiuohi by Sallynyan

In Valentyne Stories's universe, dead rise.

Depending on how they died, and other parameters you will discover in-game, Arcan's people can rise in different forms,
sometimes while keeping their memories and conscience. 
All undead have something in common: they are aggressive and need to feed from the livings,
so their body doesn't rot. However, we found a way to domesticate them; even the worst of them, and we somehow can live with them safe.
... almost safe .



All that we can say at this point, it's some random informations about the hero that you will play, and his crushs.
Clic for read ! 

Pressentation Rave.ENGpng by Sallynyan Presentation personnageKaryENG by SallynyanPresentationrenanENG by SallynyanPresentation personnageHydeENG by SallynyanPresentation personnageIlyeseng by SallynyanPresentation personnageFenrirENG by Sallynyan

Like you see, the plot is happening in a Magic Academy, with fews student, because Mage are rare in this world !



If you like this kind of game and don't want to miss anything about our news, you can follow us here : 
clic on the button /o/

Thanks for your attention ! *^*


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