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Blood Background by SallyNight22
Mature content
Blood Background :iconsallynight22:SallyNight22 3 2
Monsters and Blood ( Demon Girl ) by SallyNight22
Mature content
Monsters and Blood ( Demon Girl ) :iconsallynight22:SallyNight22 4 0
Leola (Vampire oc) Finalized art by SallyNight22 Leola (Vampire oc) Finalized art :iconsallynight22:SallyNight22 3 5 Pre speed paint Leola by SallyNight22 Pre speed paint Leola :iconsallynight22:SallyNight22 2 0 Vigilia Wesen info sheet/characters by SallyNight22 Vigilia Wesen info sheet/characters :iconsallynight22:SallyNight22 0 0 Ghost by SallyNight22 Ghost :iconsallynight22:SallyNight22 6 5 Courtney Calico by SallyNight22 Courtney Calico :iconsallynight22:SallyNight22 3 0 Tesla Chan by SallyNight22 Tesla Chan :iconsallynight22:SallyNight22 3 0 Jane's final revamp! by SallyNight22 Jane's final revamp! :iconsallynight22:SallyNight22 14 7
Chapter 4: The Witch Jezebel
3rd person P.O.V.
                          With the information gathered, it seems Ace is well on her way to figuring some stuff out. What do we really know about our antagonist however. She's a heretic witch, and has some almost inhuman type minions, with a lust for destruction. I am here to guide you to her, and here her story. So now to show you, what she was doing while Ace was walking around.
Jezebel's P.O.V.
                         I waited, those dream stealers of mine were still being perfected. Though to be fair, they were the first of a new breed, so they would take time. Picking off Slendy's poor, innocent, proxies would have to do for now. However, as I waited, I heard one of my newest men come through the tent flap to talk to me....
Czar's P.O.V.
                       I was new, to l
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Chapter 3: Laughing Jack and, The Glass Soul
Laughing Jack's P.O.V.
I could hear foot steps in the dark, coming here had become less of a chore, and more of a game. Not my favorite game, as I wasn't allowed to actually do anything, but a game none the less. This place had become like a second home, but not because of the person who gave me a second chance. For the moment I thought of her, like a demon she'd appeared. The true Ace of Spades, although not with her mask, or the white hair I knew from before. There was no rage on her face, she reminded me of the man, the boy, who had left me to rot in my box, before he left. Only to come back, and play games without me. Though, she reminded me of the boy who began with me, kind, patient, with a small dark twist. Spades and I had met when she was asked by a friend to look after her little cousin Luke, his nickname was Lukie. On that day, he came outside to play a game with me, he was so close, and I told him this might be the last time I would play with him. Little Lukie pouted, beggi
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Chapter 2: The Witches Circle
Toby's P.O.V.
                    "They still weren't back yet huh?" I mumbled, thinking about all the other proxies, like me, who had died lately.
                    "Their usually back early," I thought,"So did something happen to them to?"
                    Then I noticed, the forest was a little cloudier around here. The smell of smoke followed, it was one smell that brought back memories. The echos of mom's screams, the fear of being caught for offing my old man, to Slendy pulling me away from my own hot glowing diversion. I shook my head, coming back to where I was. "Those day's are over Toby, just head towards the smell," I mumbled hesitantly.
                      I both loved and, hated fire. I loved it's glow, but hated its destructive, and restrictive nature. None the le
:iconsallynight22:SallyNight22 2 4
Mature content
Chapter 1: Murder amongst Murderers :iconsallynight22:SallyNight22 3 1
Prolouge: What is reality?
July 2, 20xx
                  I guess this is a place to start huh? That is to say, I've thought of writing this for a while, a warning on behalf of my friend. She's one of them too, but not in the same way I guess. Any way, please be careful the company you keep. That's something everyone tells you, your parents, teachers, cousins, and even friends. What if I told you, the world was much more than normal murder, and chaos, if the day to day was so much worse than the news told you. What if your online horrors, were real? This is honestly what I have come to understand to be true. I'M NOT CRAZY! Whether it be Jeff the killer, or Laughing Jack, these people are very much real. I know first hand, from being followed, and from my dear friend, Ace. She was willing enough to show me, introduce me, to her friends, and her secret life. Secret being the operative word. When I make a promise, my intent is to kee
:iconsallynight22:SallyNight22 2 1
A Guardian's Job: Chap. 1: The Veil
A Guardian's Job: Chap. 1: The Veil
            "Hi Jane," A white haired girl, her hair also being short, said, as she walked into an old dimly lit warehouse.
             As the girl made her way further into the warehouse, the other girl, Jane, turned to face the direction she was coming from. "Hi Kara, what are you doing here?", Jane asked, her pale, blind, eyes giving a suspicious stare.
            "Oh," Kara said in mock annoyance,"So you hear me call out to you, and if I'm visiting you, it automatically means I've got myself in trouble? Man, I feel loved."
             Jane scoffs, being unusually short tempered towards, Kara's antics. "I swear, everytime you come here to my hide out, it's because you get in t
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Random oc (075) by SallyNight22 Random oc (075) :iconsallynight22:SallyNight22 7 0


Creepypasta Ladies by NallelyArts Creepypasta Ladies :iconnallelyarts:NallelyArts 38 10
Mature content
Soul Heroes Chapter 2 (Black Star vs Todoroki) :iconforeverevanescent:ForeverEvanescent 22 13
Mature content
Soul Heroes: Introduction :iconforeverevanescent:ForeverEvanescent 18 11
Be my queen by Mau-Acheron Be my queen :iconmau-acheron:Mau-Acheron 203 7 Winter by Meowkies Winter :iconmeowkies:Meowkies 15 2 . : Self Model 2019 (Private Download) : . by AngelBunnyMiki . : Self Model 2019 (Private Download) : . :iconangelbunnymiki:AngelBunnyMiki 22 13 Sonic Movie Redesign #2 (Electric Boogaloo) by squigglydigg Sonic Movie Redesign #2 (Electric Boogaloo) :iconsquigglydigg:squigglydigg 436 31 Cala Maria by The-Purple-Gremlin Cala Maria :iconthe-purple-gremlin:The-Purple-Gremlin 78 7 Sonic Redesign by squigglydigg Sonic Redesign :iconsquigglydigg:squigglydigg 454 32 Fairy Tail and Edens Zero by NaLuIsCannon4ever Fairy Tail and Edens Zero :iconnaluiscannon4ever:NaLuIsCannon4ever 28 2 Freckle Kitty by marshjv Freckle Kitty :iconmarshjv:marshjv 57 4 someday I'll draw something other than karkat by marshjv someday I'll draw something other than karkat :iconmarshjv:marshjv 100 8 Adorable Blue Goblin Boy by squigglydigg Adorable Blue Goblin Boy :iconsquigglydigg:squigglydigg 157 8 Accidental Dad and Adopted Gremlin Son by squigglydigg Accidental Dad and Adopted Gremlin Son :iconsquigglydigg:squigglydigg 171 4 tap tap tap tap tap by squigglydigg tap tap tap tap tap :iconsquigglydigg:squigglydigg 127 12 TINY by squigglydigg TINY :iconsquigglydigg:squigglydigg 147 14


These drawings are amazing! I love all of them and the shapes you used are extraoridinary. The bubbles are cool and I would want this u...

I love hetalia but, I especilly love the nyotalia's. I love all of their disigns. This however is not about the disigns that the author...

This is a beautiful picture! I love the movie frozen so the fact that you've chosen to show the characters emotion through pictures lik...



I drew this demon child, who might be a villain turned hero. I haven't given her a name yet, but I was humming a tune in my kitchen, and I wanted to put her picture in the video. So here's a little 2 minute song for her. One with me humming the same tune~! Make sure to check out my Youtube channel Tesla's Garden for more content, such as Speedpaints, animations, and audio drama's!

Blood Background
Here is the background that started it all~! I just want to once again put out there if you wish to use this background, please feel free to ask. I am more than happy to see what anyone is willing to do with it. I enjoy any chance to see what creative people are willing to do. With that being said, I hope you like this lovely thing~! BYE~! -^^-
Monsters and Blood ( Demon Girl )
Might end up being a villain turned hero, have yet to figure out her storyline. I just finished her design recently. It all started from me being an "angsty" child and wanting to draw a creepy blood background. Finally you have the demon/devil, girl design that sits before you. So yeah. I'll be posting the background that started it all after I post this so yeah, if you wish to use the background at any time please don't hesitate to ask!
Leola (Vampire oc) Finalized art

First let me just say Leola's Speed paint is at the link here:

Now time for some info on her!

Leola was turned into a vampire by another vampire, one she hasn't seen or heard from again. She has an albino fox familiar which she affectionately calls Cross. She can walk in the sunlight because, for some reason she still has her human soul despite being turned. She has been alive since some time between 100 and 200 years ago. She can, and has drank human blood before, but prefers to get blood from a butchers if she can. She works currently in music, and can sing exceedingly well, in fact she is a solo rock singer. Despite her job, Leola is surprisingly down to earth, and cares deeply about the human race. Her physical age is 25

Vampiric traits:

*shape shifting into a black eagle
*super speed and strength
*heightened senses
*life song-Allows her the ability to control someone elses life for a short period of time (limits: Can only be used once a week, and only on human beings)
*Shield- A force field that she can use to protect herself and others she cares about. (limit: only can be used in battle)
*Claws/Talons- Her finger nails can become indestructible talons that she can use for fighting (limit: only can be used in battle)
*Holy Prayer- A healing or restoration ability, which she can use on herself, and others around. (limits: Injuries must be immediately apparent, the prayer must be finished for the power to work, and it will weaken Leola significantly)

That it! Hope you like her! And I know that in the final piece I could have done better with the shading on the face, but that aside... I like how she turned out! (I may go back and redo her digital drawing later because of the shading and highlight issues!)

:vampire: Adventure Time - Marceline, The Vampire Queen Icon Vampire kiss? Vampire Squid tLH: Vampire Lucy VAMPIRE avatar 

Vigilia Wesen info sheet/characters

As promised Sun and Shadow from my oc Original Species are finally up! Now time for some background on both girls!

-Sun and Shadow are twin sisters
-Sun has Silver horns and therefore is the among the strongest members of her kind
-Shadow has black horns and therefore is among the weakest of her kind
-Ironically the better fighter among the 2 sisters is Shadow
-Shadow has the ability Silhouette Blade, which usually is an ability that goes to members who have the strongest power (Silver horns) and is a combat based power.
-Sun has healing which is usually the power that goes to those with the weakest power (Black horns)
-Sun and Shadow are very close, especially since their parents were killed by the corrupted, and they were both raised by Argon, a close family friend with red horns.
-Sun has a bright personality, loves the happier things in life, and is quick to look out for anyone. Just because her personality overall is sweet, doesn't make her a push over
-Shadow likes to read, is very introverted, and likes things like horror, gore, and mystery, as long as it's under the veil of fiction. She's a hot head, but often hides it behind a passive aggressive nature.
-Sun and Shadow both hate people who only friend others for their power, as it not only drives them crazy, but they know strength can come from anywhere.

Done! Sidenote, the creature in the corner of Sun's Portrait is what they look like during huge battles. The only difference is the horns between each one.

If you want to make your own drawings of Sun, and Shadow, or create your own oc's for this species, just ask me! Also feel free to ask any other questions you want to about the species!

Quick note this my first ever original species type thing so please cut me some slack~! Also I posted this originally on my instagram~! So if you want to see these things as separate posts just let me know~! Also! I hope you like this original species! Hee hee~!

My Most recent speed paint! Hee hee! I've been enjoying my new computer a little too much, so yeah~! I don't have a name for my oc yet, all I know is that she's a ghost, but ya know~! If you have any name suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments~! Without further adieu, here's the link to the youtube video containing the spped paint:

Enjoy it~! :ghost Ghost :ghost: Ghost Icon Ghost Crying Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale Halloween Ghost F2U Ghost pixel 
Courtney Calico
Bendy oc/1930's cartoon oc! I wasn't to happy with Penelope the Ghost my original oc. I guess I just saw her character as kinda shallow, in her story, and how I designed. Long story short this is Courtney Calico. I have her completely colored now, on here, and on my tumblr: @lucyanimu17, and on my wattpad NikolaMirror120 as well as on instagram. I will also have her story on tumblr and wattpad but, not on here. quick bio time though:
Name: Courtney Calico
Species: Cartoon Calico Cat/ Performer (former)/ singer (former)/ Dancer (former)/ Founder of Creation Station/ Guardian of Creation Station.
Affiliation(s): Creation Station (current), Dreams Studio's (former)
Appearance: Black dress with shoes that match, mostly white fur with spots of black and various gray shades to represent a calicos spots. she as black curly hair, and one white eye.
back story: She was meant to be their star at Dreams studio. She was created with a sassy, but kind personality to engage with children and adults of all ages. Then her costar was created, his name was Alpha, a Were Wolf that would become close to her and, protect her even at his own pitfalls for slap stick purposes. As time went on Dreams Studio was one of the first to pay to have their characters brought to life from the page. They were only able to get a few episodes out when they started to fall through. They blamed her, and Alpha, for their failures. Which ended in them muting her, and Alpha having to save her along with her voice actor. Which began Creation Station, a home for abused, living toons.
More will be explained in the future! As I will eventually draw at least Alpha, and be writing a story surrounding this idea, which I may animate in the future.
Long story short, I've been on other social media, and trying to reset myself a little. Nothing personal against DA, but I don't like all of the drama that bubbles up on here. Nonetheless, I'm going to be back on here for a bit, however I won't be constantly on here, so if you want to talk with me. Please leave a comment below, telling me which of the following social media sites you're on the most.


That's about it! Thanks for reading, and remember to keep on keeping on!

3rd person P.O.V.

                          With the information gathered, it seems Ace is well on her way to figuring some stuff out. What do we really know about our antagonist however. She's a heretic witch, and has some almost inhuman type minions, with a lust for destruction. I am here to guide you to her, and here her story. So now to show you, what she was doing while Ace was walking around.

Jezebel's P.O.V.

                         I waited, those dream stealers of mine were still being perfected. Though to be fair, they were the first of a new breed, so they would take time. Picking off Slendy's poor, innocent, proxies would have to do for now. However, as I waited, I heard one of my newest men come through the tent flap to talk to me....

Czar's P.O.V.

                       I was new, to lady Jezebel, to being a familiar, and even talking to people in centuries. I really only knew one language...a dead language, latin..... But nevertheless here I was. Lady Jezebel, my new master, had given me the name Czar. I couldn't quiet understand why she picked such a name for a peasant like me, but I accepted the name. This is was one of the many reasons I found myself walking to ask her about our mission. Why were we pursuing this line, what would this accomplish... i just had to know. When I opened the flap of her tent, I bowed to her thin physique. Her small delicate fingers, and hands combined perfectly with her long dark hair. She looked sleek, and fox like, her eyes had a feral look to them, which made me half wonder if I really should trust her. I was her familiar now though, so there was no going back.

Jezebel's P.O.V.

                      "At ease Czar, what is it?" I addressed the latin speaking incubus, without difficulty.

                      "My lady," Czar replied, standing up straight,"I just want to understand, why this whole world, why punish other witches, murderers, and even demons? I guess I'm just wondering, where this all came from?"

                      "Ahh, I guess I should tell you my story, then maybe you'll understand," I answered, pretending to be ok with him questioning me.

                      How dare a lowly familiar question it's witch, but I pushed the feeling aside to tell my tale. I cleared my throat then started with,"A long time ago, about 200 years ago, the first witch was born, when a young woman discovered she had unusual powers. Through the years posers from all over were persecuted for crimes, killed, but a few girls became students of the young lady. Then around the year 1925, she picked me up as her 10th student. I was a young, beautiful, 18 year old, and was ready to learn from the woman I had only ever heard legends about. I learned quickly, what was right, what was wrong, and even how my lifespan would increase. I was going to be the one to take over for Progenitor, when she felt her time of leadership was over. My sister, the youngest and sweetest, of our family also got taught, but by me. I asked for Progenitor's permission to teach my sister, as she was my teacher. So that was what lead to my being her teacher. Oh sweet Ruth, a fast learner, and kind soul. 2 years, was how long I stuck to her rules, but when my sister got sick and died...she took my grief as a reason to dub me a heretic. We couldn't heal her, so I took it into my own hands to bring her back! A clay body, and normal human energy, and souls was ALL IT WOULD HAVE TAKEN! -But no, with killing a few of the sisters in the coven, who agreed to help me... I was kicked out. The sickness that killed my sister, I would later find out during exile was an interdimensional demon. He had ripped her apart, eaten her, his paper white skin, and faceless appearance, spelling her end. They tried to save her, but would have never had the chance! So, from that day forward, I made myself 2 promises. 1.) That I would be the one to end the woman who wouldn't allow me to revive my sister. And 2.) This world be overtaken by me, no matter the means! And cleansed, so all who dare oppose me would lie dead at my feet, or as a part of my decore. You see dear Czar, I can't let those internet murderers ruin my plans, so I will make them live in my eternal hell while I take control of what will soon be mine."

                            I watched Czar nod, as I finished my story, then I said,"Begone now, I must focus on the best to continue my plans."

                            As he left, I couldn't help but think he was going to turn on me. However I didn't have long to dwell on a weakling familiar like that, as a few of my dream stealing children came back, with some interesting news....

Czar's P.O.V.

                          When I was out of her tent, and passing what she called dream stealers, I couldn't help but think that this might be just a little too far. Though who was I to say, being her newest familiar, I was the lowest form of scum to her. I'd heard from the other familiars that had been serving for longer, and those dream stealers, that she really only cared about those who did the best towards her agenda. I'd heard of the spell she was speaking of, the one to bring her sister back, and by any sorcerers standards, it was a taboo. You had to sacrifice multiple lives, and hope to keep their souls energy alive. On top of all that, you had to forcibly bind the energy of the one you wished to bring back, to the energy of the sacrifices. Finally the clay body would become flesh and, blood, and while the person would live forever, they would also have to live with the screams of the dead sacrifices used to bring the back to life. It felt sad, that she was unstable, that the slenderman had killed her sister, that she thought this was the only way. At the same time, I was sickened, I couldn't believe the woman who took me in was so dark. I wished she was actually an angel at this point, the angel I thought she was before. To tell you the truth, the fact that she wanted her sister to live like that, it made me feel even worse. The fountain of youth seemed more tame, but it wasn't as if I could turn against her now. I didn't have the power to.

Jezebel's P.O.V.

                          After I found out that Ace was looking into this, I sent them on a special mission. And they'd best hope not to fail me...

AN: As I said before, I'm doing a few filler chapters for this story! I figured I should do one for our villain, and then I would move onto the other oc's of mine. For all of you who have probably guessed, or not guessed, Czar will be important later in the story. retrogamenerd and I have discussed an idea involving a character that might help the other characters in this story later. I'm sorry this chapter is relatively short, but the up coming chapters will be longer again. I promise! Thanks and, I'll see you in the next one.

Laughing Jack's P.O.V.

I could hear foot steps in the dark, coming here had become less of a chore, and more of a game. Not my favorite game, as I wasn't allowed to actually do anything, but a game none the less. This place had become like a second home, but not because of the person who gave me a second chance. For the moment I thought of her, like a demon she'd appeared. The true Ace of Spades, although not with her mask, or the white hair I knew from before. There was no rage on her face, she reminded me of the man, the boy, who had left me to rot in my box, before he left. Only to come back, and play games without me. Though, she reminded me of the boy who began with me, kind, patient, with a small dark twist. Spades and I had met when she was asked by a friend to look after her little cousin Luke, his nickname was Lukie. On that day, he came outside to play a game with me, he was so close, and I told him this might be the last time I would play with him. Little Lukie pouted, begging me to stay, to play with him forever. I told him, I couldn't, but we could make this game the most fun. I had begun to tire him out, and our game was coming to a close, his screams being the trigger of my laughs. When, in a sudden moment, my clawed hands were stopped. I could vaguely see Lukie crying, with an adult form in front of him. The form in front of him, had short white hair, a wolf mask, and dark clothing. A red liquid dripped from underneath the mask, and a force was keeping me claws from slicing through the feminine figures hand. The young woman looked back, and then screamed at him, "Run Lukie! And I promise Ace will be there! GO HOME NOW!"

Without a word, and tears in his eyes, he stood clumsily to his feet, and ran. I tried to chase after him, a laugh escaping my lips with my every advance, but she would always be in my way. So I chose to play with her instead. She was able to keep up with me. I couldn't tell why, but I was actually fearing, fearing I might actually lose. I got pinned in a matter of what felt like seconds, I couldn't move, and I didn't want too. Her laugh pierced through silence, for once I wasn't laughing. The next moments stuck with me though. She smiled, catching a look at my face, the proceeded to talk,"You really have lost this game haven't you? Well normally this would be the time I would call you out for that, you did pull the Ace of Spades out of the deck, and this is your punishment. However, I've decided to give you a redemption round."

She took her weight off me, and the glowing knives that surrounded her disappeared. I sat up, half thinking about running, but what intrigued me was that she reached into her pocket for. She had a deck of cards, they weren't terribly old, but the seemed to have lost their white color, and the luster they once had. She shuffled it carefully, like she was comforting an old friend. She then proceeded to fan out the cards in front of me. I stared for a moment, before she said,"If can manage to pull an Ace of Hearts from this deck, I will spare you, but if not that's it."

I stared at her for a good minute, then I asked,"What's the catch?"

"Nothing really, and I am nothing but, a woman of my word," she answered in confidence.

I still couldn't tell to this day, why I really believed what she had too be telling me the truth. Whatever her game was, she wasn't willing to lie about my position. I sighed, then hesitantly pulled a card from the deck. It was while I did that, I noticed the deck was halved. I told a brief moment to take that in, before flipping the card right side up. On that side was a defaced card, it had hearts crudely painted over what used to be there. I looked at her, as the girl held hand down to help me up. I took it, surprised she was being serious. Then she looked up at me with the same look she had before. Serious, harsh, angry, I could all clearly read on her face. "Here's the catch for you keeping your life. Here is the cost of your life," Spades said in a harsh tone,"you attack my family, that includes Luke, Annie, his cousin, and anyone in association with me. There will be no more second chances from me. Am I clear Laughing Jack in a Box?"

I nodded, not more or less than a day later, I started watching her. I would follow her to find out who she considered family, who her friends were, and who she was over all. I discovered the life she lived, and even saw what Annie went through. After losing Lukie, Annie became obsessed with dolls, and she became the main reason I had even begun to open up to this card holding serial killer. Which brought me back to where I was now, although Spades had never attacked me since, I still myself hesitant about approaching her. The way I did it though, was through testing her reflexes. So just like the many times before, I took a swing. Just as expected she jumped, followed quickly by a teleport. This time however, she looked at me slightly startled, before shaking her head and, laughing normally,"For the love of Pete Laughing! I was lost in thought! Don't do that!"

A laugh escaped my lips, this girl who had scared the living shit out of me, had gotten startled by me. She gave me a pouty look, which made me laugh a little harder. Before I knew it I had been laughing so hard I was crying. Then when I had regained my composure, I noticed she was leaning on one of the tent polls with a small slightly annoyed smile. I sighed, then said,"Can't take a joke can you?"

She rolled her eyes, giggling a bit. "Hard to laugh when someone has knocked over your train of thought," she teased back kindly.

"So how are you Spades?" I asked kindly.

"Same as you laughing, in the dark," she responded calmly, like she was already thinking about something again.

I honestly didn't know what she meant, so I pestered her a bit,"What do you mean? Is something wrong?"

She sighed, then said,"Conor is dead, proxies are going missing left and, right, Zalgo hasn't been seen anywhere, and some proxies and Zalgoids have been commiting suicide, which has given Necro more puppets."

"Heh," I responded while listening,"I may have to warn Eyeless Jack. Unless he already knows..."

Spades nods, before asking,"You know a little more about Slender's forest than I do, so are all the others that live there proxies?"

"Yes," I teased.

She rolled her eyes, before yelling,"Be serious!"

"But, I don't want to," I retorted before laughing.

She groaned in annoyance, and was about to say something else when a weight landed on my back, causing Spades to laugh. "Hi Laughy Jacky!" I heard a chipper voice say brightly in my ear.

I carefully reached my hand back, laughter shaking my person. I plucked the red head from my back putting her on the ground. "Hello my little Raggedy Anne! How are you?" I asked smiling brightly at the doll like woman.

"I'm good," she answered sweetly,"and I was just going to say hello, but you were making Ace cross again. I really don't want you to get hurt, so can you please answer her question?"

"Aww, but Anne the game was just getting fun," I replied, to her as she gave a sweet, cute look that was hard to resist at times.

"I know," she said,"but after you answer her, we could play a game together. I didn't get to finish making my dolls earlier, and we could paint everything red! Ooh! And afterwards we could share hard candies, and Lolipop's! What do you say?!"

I smiled, she knew how to get me excited for anything. I laughed, and nodded then answered Spades,"No. There are proxies yes but not everyone who lives there is a proxy. Those who are proxies follow proxy law, where others just have guidelines, or other rules they have to follow. Like not to cross the path into your territory, or not to attack a proxy without being attacked first. Simple things like that."

Spades nodded before I was distracted by Anne, we left to go play after that, but I wasn't quite sure what Ace did next.

Ace's P.O.V.

After hearing this, I got curious. Not only were proxies going missing, but the possiblity that others in the forest might be targeted next. It made me shudder, even if it was only slightly. Then as Laughing, and Annie were chatting, and goofing off, something Necromancer had said stuck in my mind. "The Glass Soul," I muttered, remembering him talk about 2 former puppets he had set free...from what I could tell anyway.

LJ had already told me what I needed to know about Slenderman's Forest, and how it worked. It made me interested, made me want to learn more from another outsiders perspective. To do that though, I needed to know if his old friends were at GS (Glass Soul) tonight. So I had to ask Necro. I marched away from where Laughing, and Raggedy Anne had been. I guessed that they had already made their plans for the rest of the night. I shook my head, smiling a bit, before continuing with purpose in my walk. I took the time looking for Necro, to take stock on what I had learned, and what to ask him about the 2 men he went to talk to. "Ok," I mumbled softly,"I need to know if they'll be there tonight, what his history with them is, and what they do or don't trust."

I thought this allowed, and repeated these in my head like a mantra. As soon as I saw him, I smiled, my father figure, I felt a little more confident in what I was about to ask. I chose to wait for him however, as he was practicing, or teaching, fighting to one of his new puppets. He did this a preparatory measure for the road ahead. It fascinated me, as it gave me an idea of his killing style, and his strategies in general. Though to be fair, it was only a small view into these things. The demon woman tried to lock with him with a flying kick, only to be caught and thrown to the side. She skidded to a stop, and then took a looked at me, signaling to him that I was there. It ended their brawl then and, there. "You came back relatively quickly this time," he said calmly.

Necromancer's P.O.V.

                     "Yep," Ace responded calmly,"but I have some questions I have to ask you first. I might have the start of a plan, I just need information."

                     "Fire away," I said confidently.

                     "Ok first, what is your relation to them? I would like to know that first," Ace asked with some calm intent to her voice.

                      I flinched, as this met she may want to meet them. "Right into the fire huh?" I asked "I assume you'll have more questions about them then huh?"

                       Ace cocked an eyebrow, nodding then added,"Are you worried about me or, them?"

                       "A little of both," I admitted openly,"let me answer your first question then. I found Brian Thomas, aka Hoodie, dead from a fall. There weren't any closer deaths, and I didn't feel like killing anyone...I was weird. Anywho long story short I brought him back, learned his story, about Marble Hornets, about Tim Wright, and even about Alex, their director. I then found Tim, aka Masky, dead from blunt force trauma caused by a crowbar, I assumed it was his. Hoodie convinced me to bring him back, and I abruptly set both free. I knew enough about them, that keeping them as puppets didn't seem right. We've been friends ever since."

                       Ace nodded, surprised slightly, leaving her eyes like globes. She processed what I'd said for a minute, before asking her next question. "Ok, What types of people do they trust out here?"

                       "Ooh boy! That's gonna have to take some personality explanations," I replied with a chuckle.

                          "Ok," she replied with a laugh, and a nod.

                          "Starting with Masky, he's- ," I laughed a little, thinking about his overall attitude,"he's a character. He can have a very snarky attitude, and is a little bit narcissistic. That aside, he usually does eventually come around. I guess you could say he's a mixed, but all in all a good person, with a least some patience."

                          I stopped, leaving Ace a little thinking room before she nodded. As soon as I got the cue that she was ready for more, I continued,"Now Hoodie, is quiet. He's shy by comparison, but good at what he can do. He lets his actions speak for him. That being said, when he does talk he tends to do it to keep Masky from causing trouble, or generally trying to understand others. He's protective over his friends, which is what lead to his death. He's a good guy, and very patient."

                           She nodded again, I figured she understood well. "They generally both trust more honest people, and those whose agenda doesn't affect their own negatively. They try to keep people safe from the slenderman, and are confused for being proxies. They don't trust demons, for the reason of Slenderman, and so they will only ever engage them for minimal amounts of time. This includes at the Glass Soul, as they only get their own drinks, or only want a 'witch' to serve them. Beyond that, I don't know what to tell you."

                           "Ok," she answered,"then I have some stuff to learn. Final question."

                             "Alright," I replied.

                             "Will they be at the Glass Soul tonight?" she asked, confirming my suspicions about her wanting to meet them personally more thoroughly.

                             "Yeah," I said as coolly as possible,"but I urge you to be careful. Although what I have told you about them is true overall, they will probably try to fight you. I know you can generally fend for yourself, however in battle they can be just as bad, if not worse than you at times."

                               Ace once again nodded, then said,"I'll keep that in mind, but otherwise I have a plan. Thanks!"

                              I laughed a little bit, then call after her as she left,"You're Welcome Little One!"

                              I saw her shoulders shake a tad before she turned back, and returned my joke,"See ya later, and thank you Daddy Necromancer!"

                               She took off laughing, while I did the same. This had always been our dynamic after all.

Ace's P.O.V.

                           I was laughing for a good minute before I left. I knew if Simon, or anyone, were to ask where I was that Necromancer would answer. I was headed to The Glass Soul. It was one of the safest places out here, as well as being a bar for creatures, and people of all kinds. Usually, if not most, of the patrons of the establishment were magical, or murderers. People could walk in only if let in by the owner, a demon named Tiberius. He was fair, and allowed for exceptions, but also could be quiet the tyrant when it struck him. Most who came here for the first time, saw him as a big, stupid, ugly, monster. Though frequent patrons knew he could be a big old softie. He, and I had been close, ever since I started to come there. As I reached the door, I smiled at the thought of going to see him. I knock on the large wooden door, of the bar, that looked like a small wood cabin tavern. The eye slat on the door opened, revealing a set of gold eyes with cat slit pupils. It took only a second for those eyes to display recognition before the door was opened. "Ace chan! Konichiwa!" Tiberius said brightly.

                       "Ohayoh Ty," I replied back with a bight smile,"How are you?"

                      "I'm good! Come on in," he said in a welcoming manor.

                       I followed him inside, and explained that I was on business. I asked if Masky and Hoodie were there, and he confirmed that they were. "But, they won't let anyone serve them, as they trust demons. They said a witch, and nothing else," he added.

                      "Lucky me," I said poiently,"I'm just what they trust."

                     He chuckled at me, then said,"That's true, here's their order."

                    "You so sure?" I asked kindly.

                    "Hey, your business is with them. So by all means, get their order to them."

                   I nodded, saying hi to a few of other regulars before retrieving the tray. I balanced it carefully, making extra sure to avoid flirts, and clumsy costumers. I found the one door in the back of place. It glowed deep red for a moment, then white as it unlocked. I walked in towards 2 young men, each had a mask laying beside them on the table. "Yo Necr-", one of them said turning around.... I guessed at that moment, it wasn't going to be smooth.

Masky's P.O.V.

                      I turned to see Necromancer, but I saw a girl with dark brown hair, and pale blue eyes. "Who the hell are you!?" Hoodie cried.

                      "And, who told you, that you could come back here," I asked venomously.

                        The girl gently set down the tray on a table to her left. Her hair briefly hid her eyes in shadow, before she clapped her hands, and smiled,"Well hi there, to start off my name is Ace. I am a witch, and Ty let me come back here."

                        I glared harshly, I wasn't ready to believe her story, or that she was a witch. "I'm not buying that for a second," I grumbled,"you probably just broke the seal on the door!"

                         I could feel Hoodie watching our interactions, he wasn't ready to trust any of this either, so he looked at me as if to ask to keep her engaged for a bit longer. I glanced back to tell him I would. "Look," she spoke up patiently, her voice going from cheerful to monotone,"I don't want any trouble. Tiberius, and I are friends, and so are some other people you know. If I really came here to cause trouble-"

                       Hoodie cut her off pointing his gun at her neck, his mask now covering his face. With all of her focus being on me, she hadn't even noticed him move. "Stop. Playing. Dumb," he said harshly under his mask.

                        I smirked grabbing my mask, and placing it over my face. Then I heard her mumble, "So that's the way it's gonna be huh?"

                       I cocked an eyebrow, not quiet sure what this little girl thought she was going to do....

Hoodie's P.O.V.

                        "So that's the way it's gonna be huh?" Ace asked.

                        I felt confused, my gun was to her neck, and she wasn't remotely freaked out, not even a little. "Ok, if that's the case," she said, before disappearing in a cloud of glowing smoke.

                        "WHERE THE HELL DID SHE GO?!?" Masky asked taking note of what just happened.

                        "You seriously think I'm supposed to know?" I answered annoyedly.

                       Then suddenly, in a flash she was behind him, and before I could warn him she spoke, "You boy's really are interesting. I guess the information I was given wasn't wrong."

                        She was now waring a wolf mask, and her hair was white, but otherwise she looked the same. Before she could say anything else however, Masky managed to turn around, and hit her with his crowbar. She stumbled back a step or two, teleporting away from his next swing. She was behind me for a second, to which I took the chance to shoot. I missed, because she teleported again, but I got close. Suddenly though, I saw her teleport in front of Masky. She grabbed his shoulder, and teleported with him, before throwing him into a wall. I got pissed, and put her in a choke hold, as best I could. She broke free, but was coughing from the encounter. She punched me square in the face, sending me staggering backwards, blood poring from my nose. As she went to take me down, Masky got behind her and threw her into the ground. I walked over to him, but he seemed ok. He took another swing, managing to hit her. She got away again, and tried to take me down. She threw me towards the opposite wall. As she was about to charge me, Masky threw her her towards the table with tray she brought in. The glass cups shattered, and anything else on the tray was stuck into or on her back as she slid towards the wall. "That settles it huh?" Masky said reaching his hand down to help me up.

                        I sighed, taking his hand,"You only got that chance, because I was incapacitated, don't get cocky."

                        Masky rolled his eyes hot headedly,"Don't worry Brian, I'll let you take the kill shot."

                        I glared at him for a second, before cocking my gun. She sat there her head hanging down, she appeared to be passed out. As I was about to pull the trigger, her head shot up and, she used her legs to trip us backwards. Before we could stand up to attack her again though, she was already standing and several blades glowing purple kept us in place. She approached us with a passive aggressive anger, before asking,"Are we done fighting, cause I really didn't want to do this to begin with."

                         We both sat there frozen, and actually a little scared.

Masky's P.O.V.

                         This girl was bat shit. She was crazy, not only in emotions, but in her fighting style. We both stayed quiet to her question, so she just heaved a sigh. It confused me when she did that, but it was more confusing when she dispelled the weapons she'd conjuored up. The she sat down and, chuckled a bit, then removed her mask. "When Necromancer said you guys were good at what you do, and that you were fighters, he wasn't kidding," she said a laugh in her voice.

                         "The hell?" Hoodie asked quietly.

                        "Why didn't you say anything sooner?!?! STUPID FUCKING GIRL!!!" I yelled angrily, nearly ready to strangle her.

                         She laughed as I growled, grumbling swear words left and right, before Hoodie spoke up,"Will you quit fucking around, and tell us what you want?"

                          I nodded in agreement, causing her to sigh and wipe a tear away. "Right," she said finally speaking up,"I know we just met, but considering I know Necromancer personally, I need information. Ya see, proxies are going missing, and a heretic witch might be behind this, so I want to know what you know."

                         We both stared at her in shock, before we asked in unison,"Is that it?"

                        Ace nodded, and for once, what she was doing wasn't annoying. Hoodie started the conversation by answering,"We've seen bodies on pyres. It could have been proxies, as one of them kinda asked us if we were behind it, recently."

                        I nodded taking in Ace's reactions. "Ok spill, how long has this been going on, and what else do you know?" She asked honestly.

                         This only made me a little bit comfortable with her, but I answered with a few more details,"I mean, we had heard some fights, and saw shadows of people being dragged away. I guess you could say the things doing the dragging looked thin, and misshapen. I don't even think they were human. Anyway, everytime we've run into a pyre the proxies are dead, and look extremely pale and, husk like. Their masks are nailed to the trees, does that sound like what you're looking for specifically, cause that's all we know. I mean I hope you understa-"

                          I got stopped by Hoodie smacking me on the back of the head. I glared at him, but he ignored me and added to what I was saying,"What Mr. High-and-mighty is trying to say, is sorry we don't have more information we can give you. That's honestly all we know."

                          "That's ok, it's understandable. Thanks anyway Hoodie, and I-know-everything-better-than-a-girl Masky. I appreciate your help," She said with a bright smile, standing up and grabbing her mask.

                          I grumbled angrily at her, and she looked like she was about ready to leave, but then turned on her heel and asked,"Do you want me to replace your order real quick before I leave?"

                        "No I think we can handle it pr- Ow STOP HITTING ME YOU ASS!" I said getting hit by Hoodie in the process.

                        "Then stop acting like an idiot!" Hoodie retorted to me,"If you want too Ace, that's up to you."

                       All in all, she nodded and, came back with the order from before, right before she actually left. I noted she was bandaged up after our fight, and even left bandages for us to fix ourselves up. I don't think either of us knew what to think of her just yet.

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Toby's P.O.V.

                    "They still weren't back yet huh?" I mumbled, thinking about all the other proxies, like me, who had died lately.

                    "Their usually back early," I thought,"So did something happen to them to?"

                    Then I noticed, the forest was a little cloudier around here. The smell of smoke followed, it was one smell that brought back memories. The echos of mom's screams, the fear of being caught for offing my old man, to Slendy pulling me away from my own hot glowing diversion. I shook my head, coming back to where I was. "Those day's are over Toby, just head towards the smell," I mumbled hesitantly.

                      I both loved and, hated fire. I loved it's glow, but hated its destructive, and restrictive nature. None the less, I went to check it out. Leaves crackled under my feet, as I got closer to the fire and, its popping sounds. I flinched a little as I got closer, then another memory flowed in. It was from when I was little, mom had pulled dad aside to scold him for yelling at me again. I distinctly remembered alcohol smell on his body, and Lyra was adding some fuel to the fire. We were camping, and when the fire leaped up, I jumped away from it. "Toby?" Lyra asked me calmly.

                      "Um hum," I hummed abruptly.

                      "Are you scared of the fire?" she asked me sweetly.

                      "N-no!" I answered, trying to act tough, only to have my condition betray me.

                        My older sister giggled, before saying,"It's ok, fire can be scary, but we can make it fun! I promise!"

                       The memory stopped when I was right in front of the fire. It was huge, with 3 bodies sitting on top of it. Their masks were in the background, Nix, Flora, and Cyrus, were atop it. "Yo Slendy," I said to make him show.

                        Nothing happened though. I was about to call out to him again when I saw those 2 again. One wore a white mask with black eyes, and black lips. The other wore a black mask withe red markings. I had seen them around before, they weren't proxies, but they didn't make trouble. That really wasn't their style, at least I thought it wasn't. "Was this you guys?" I asked approaching them.

                         I was going to get answers, when Slender called out,"You found them huh?"

                          I nodded, with them gone, I knew this was going to be an interesting report....

3rd person P.O.V.

While smoke and fire brought back memories for Toby in Slender's Forest. Ace spent the next 15 minutes after being calmed down, explaining how she had found Conor's body.

Lyra's P.O.V.

                        I sat there in shock, as she talked about this. My energy seemed to bounce back and, forth between dark and angry, to semi normal. "Why Conor though!?" Slits, a girl with injuries coving her body, and little sister to me at this point, cried.

                        She grit her teeth in a huff, growling a bit before adding to her previous cry,"He didn't do ANYTHING!"

                       "Maybe not," echoed a voice off to my left, "but he did know us. He was friends with us."

                       "What's that supposed to mean!? YOU HAVE A SMART MOUTH SHADOW!" Slits cried to the demon ghost hybrid in the corner.

                        "I'm just saying that whoever went after him, may have wanted to get at us you hot headed Zombie!" Shadow replied agitatedly.

                          I could tell the two of them were about to go at it until Wilderbeast stepped in between them. "Emma! (Slits) Shadow! Stop! This isn't going to change what happened!" He called, putting his hands up to keep the girls separated.

                         "Shut up Simon!" both girls snapped at him, causing all three of them to argue loudly.

                         My body felt like it was at war, my anger and sadness was on the verge of shattering the lightbulbs in the room. As they fought, I fought to keep from exploding. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned quickly to see that Ace was standing right next to me. Her hair had gone from white, to it's natural brown, and her eyes looked normal despite the sadness behind them. "You hate all of this too don't you Ly?" she asked, as if she could read my emotions clearly.

                        "Was I really that obvious?" I asked teasingly, causing her to chuckle.

                         Silence fell between us for a minute, before she said,"Shadow's right about one thing. He did know us."

                         "That doesn't make you responsible for his death Ace," I said sensing the sadness in her monotone voice.

                         "Yeah, but I still should have listened, " she said biting her lip.

                         "What do you mean?" I asked curiously, wondering what she meant.

                       "He told me he was being followed, he told me he felt like he was in danger. I told him I would keep my eyes open, and not worry. I was an idiot," she said letting herself cry.

                       I sighed hugging her again, then said,"You don't have the gift of foresight, you're still human, so don't beat yourself up for this."

                       I saw Ace nod, but she was still pretty unsure of herself. I could really tell, so I added to what I was saying,"You're not taking Progenitor's spot just yet. So stop bringing yourself down."

                      She smiled at that, I saw the brightness and, certainty come back to her face. The three of them continued to fight when Ace stretched, like she was getting ready to go again.

Ace's P.O.V.

                    What Lyra had said, had really let me think. I wondered if the rest of our area of the world was being hunted like this. So I took a moment to stretch, and made up my mind to go to the witches circle. "What's up?" Lyra asked.

                    "I'm going to the circle. Progenitor might have some answers about what's going on," I answered.

                   Suddenly Simon broke free from the argument, and looked at me. "No way!" he yelled.

                  "I'm a big girl! I'm definitely not the same 14 year-old you met back in highschool!" I retorted in agitation.

                 "But, it's my job as your familiar to protect you, and with Conor being murdered you're not going alone!" He said with an inhuman growl.

                  I gave him the same courtesy, giving him a harsh glare, and growling back. Then I spoke out in rage,"Don't you dare growl at me Simon Inkwell! Shape shifter or not, MY FAMILIAR OR NOT! I would like to see us as equals, but I WILL NOT TAKE THIS CRAP FROM YOU!"

                  "Woah! Woah!" said a girls voice, but clearly not Shadow's,"Can't we think this through rationally?"

                   Simon and, I both looked at the girl, she had strawberry blonde hair, and wore a light blue dress, her skin was pale, and eyes were green. Behind her sat a demon, one with bright red skin, black hair, and a long tail, she wore brown clothing in a punky style. "Yeah," the demon girl added,"You 2 are acting like an old married couple."

                   "Harmony! That's not what I meant!" the strawberry blonde retorted to the demon girl, both of them ghosts.

                    "You could have fooled me Melody. After all it was you who thought killing yourself would rid you of me," Harmony teased back coolly.

                    "I did that to save my family you ass!" Melody said shaking in anger.

                     I stared at the both of them, with Simon. They were the 2 respective people that made up Shadow. Whenever Shadow wanted she could separate into the 2 of them, but putting herself back together was a different story. They often fought, only to be stopped by one of the other members of the house. "Will you two quit it before I beat you both to a pulp!" Lyra said, her dark form showing.

                    Both of them jumped reforming Shadow, who casually looked like the 2 of them a little bit. Her outfit blue and punky, her hair black with the redish blonde highlights, and her features soft with demonic coloration and otherwise appearance. "I'm sorry!" Shadow said her hands raised defensively.

                     Lyra shook her head, before saying,"If Wilder mom over here, is so worried about your well being. Why don't we just go together?"

                      Simon looked at me intently, I knew what he wanted, and part of me really didn't want to give it to him. That was until Shadow once again broke the silence, by herself this time. "Wait where's Annie? She would normally be back by now wouldn't she?" she asked her curiosity peaked.

                      "She's not far," I replied,"my guess is she's at the circle."

                     I heaved a sigh, knowing that the others would want to see her ok, as of the off feeling we all shared. "Ok guys, field trip," I said jokingly.

                     Everyone smiled, including Simon, who had 'clearly' won the battle. I rolled my eyes when I saw his smile, before heading out to the front porch to wait for them.

3rd person P.O.V.

                  All of them got ready, each gathering specific objects, or regaining lost energy in the case of Lyra Rogers. She had lost her energy in the Sunlight earlier in the day. Ace just sat on the front steps to their porch, watching the woods in front of her. That was where her curiosity struck her. Why had she been smelling so much smoke, on Slenderman's side of the path. She was quite certain that Slender and, his proxies, didn't like using fire to trap every person who happened by. So why all of it now, in fact why did the energy seem so weak there now? She didn't get to think about this long before the others broke her train of thought. Not long after that, they were outside a circle made of large stones. It looked like a fairy circle, like the ones in Ireland, but once you stepped between the stones it was a little town of tents. There were tents large and, small, old torches lit the area, and women in a variety of cloaks were walking around. Some were socializing, others taught newcomers enchantments and, spells. While some were meditating, others were not in sight, in tents doing specific jobs. What was odd was the energy coming from the healing tent, as witches hadn't been at war with anything, or one in ages. Suddenly, however as Ace and her friends advanced into the little old style town, a girl with firery red curls came towards them and waved...

Anne's P.O.V.

                  "Hi there!" I called brightly to Ace and the others.
                   "Hey!" Ace replied as happily as she could, as I could see she was burying something deep below the surface.

                 "So you are here huh?" Shadow added.

                "We got a little worried since you hadn't come home yet Anne," Lyra continued with a kind smile.

                "Aww you were worried about little old me?!" I asked goofily.

                 Slits giggled, then could see that I was asking what was going on subtly. Slits walked up and whispered in my ear, telling me Ace had found Conor murdered on the street. I glomped Ace without a second thought, knowing that this had to be hard on her. Though I did note that she felt even better after that hug, I could still tell she was in pain, so I changed subjects. "So what's with the family field trip?" I asked with a bright smile on my face.

                "Well," Shadow started to reply.

                "Simon didn't want me coming alone, and I need to talk to Progenitor. Which leads me to ask why you're here?" Ace said poiently.

                  I laughed, Ace was the same as ever, Simon trying to protect her, while she was worried about me. Then I figured I should at least respond to her question,"Well since you and big brother Simon are here I should confess. I had already made a few more dolls, like I do, when the strangest thing happened. You see, there was this boy, and he was waring a patient uniform, but he was running from a man with bloodlust in his eyes. The boy looked like he want to fight, but felt he was too weak to do so. He couldn't get away from the asylum doctor, and was going to get killed by him. The doc got a few dangerous gash wounds before I took him out. The boy had scars from something previous, and the injuries from tonight, and since I was still far from home, and such, I took him here to get healed. That is the true tale I tell you as a Raggedy Ann."

                  Ace smiled, she loved how I simplified my human dolls, and even the story of how I ended up here. Slits rolled her eyes in a playful manor, and Simon shook his head teasingly, while Shadow face palmed as a joke. I giggled, then said,"Progenitor is in healing the boy, but I think she'll pass the work onto Mai if she knows you're here."

                 "Ok," Ace replied,"Can you bring me to her?"

                "Of course," I said with a dramatic bow, before skipping a head, while she walked behind me.

                 "Wilder! Slits! Shadow! Feel free to relax! I highly doubt anything is gonna happen while we're here," I heard her call back to the others, before picking up pace to catch up to me.

                 We made are way to the main healing tent, where we saw Progenitor working hard to fix up the boy from my narrative...

Progenitor's P.O.V.

                  I heard the tent flaps open, and 2 sets of feet enter the tent. "I'm sorry I can't be more formal with you, but I'm busy right now!" I called towards the two who walked.

                  "I know I asked for you to heal him. And after making so many beautiful human toys too, but your predecessor is here to see you Progenitor," I heard Annie say elegantly, and with extravagance.

                  I turned my head, to see Ace just before she bowed and said in greeting,"Hello Progenitor, I see all is well."

                   I smiled at the girl who would take over our little part of the world, though that was a ways away, I saw her as a daughter. "Things are as well as they can be," I answered while busily focusing on healing the young man Anne brought to me.

                  "Mai! Can you finish up with him?" I turned to ask Ace's Aunt.

                   Mai nodded, being that she usually was quiet when she needed to be. I caught a quick glance at myself in the mirror, red blood stained into my light blue victorian dress, and blood dried onto my dark skin, and white hair. "Sorry for being in such a state my child, and thank you Anne," I said pulling myself from the boy who Anne brought in.

                    "No worries Pro, I'm not bothered," Ace replied to me with a kind smile.

                  "Well I'll leave it to you two," Anne said, leaving us to talk.

                  "So you wanted to speak with me?" I said coolly, knowing that she hardly ever interrupted me when I was busy.

                   Ace nodded, explaining first what happened to Conor, then continuing by saying,"Then there has been the lessening of human proxy energy, and the smell of smoke from Slender's forest."

                   I nodded listening, then sighed,"Proxies are probably getting killed off, this is a dilemma. This would also explain why Necromancer has been wanting to investigate using our circle as a base."

                  "Necromancer's here?" Ace asked, her face displaying curiosity.

                   I laughed, forgetting his energy was the only one she couldn't sense. I nodded,"Of course my child, he and quiet a few of his puppets, are all here."

                   Ace grinned, she often saw him as her alternate father figure, and it made me smile just as much. "Back to the point at hand however," I said regaining her attention,"If there's something going on we could go talk to him, as he did say he gained a few new puppets recently."

                  Ace looked at me as I had only just remembered him bringing it up before having to take care of the boy. "Anne swamped you making you forget huh?" she asked honestly, realizing what happened.

                 I nodded feeling rather stupid, before she asked,"You think the boy she brought here has anything to do with this?"

                 "I doubt it," I answered,"though he was gripping onto a giant black leech like thing, Anne told me that had been on the neck of the man who was attacking him."

                  "A leech?" she asked, her face scrunching in disgust.

                  I nodded, as we kept walking. "The magical energy surrounding it, was that of a witch, and seemed similar to the energy of dream stealer's," I added.

                  "Great heretic witches," she mumbled sarcastically.

                 Then we approached the silhouette of a young man in dark clothes...he had black brown hair and smiled bowing to us. "Ace, and Progenitor! It's delightful to see you," he greeted, a bright smile on his face.

                   "Greetings Necromancer," I said kindly smiling at my old friend.

                   "Hi Necromancer!" Ace cheered giving him a big hug.

Necromancer's P.O.V.

                    I laughed after receiving the hug from Ace, she was like a daughter, and on top of that she understood me. "It's nice to see you Ace," I said brightly to the young witch.

                    "Necromancer, could you tell Ace about your new puppets and, how you have received them?" Progenitor questioned.

                    This made me genuinely curious, as Progenitor never asked me about my 'work'. "Well this is a first," I said confidently,"What's the occasion?"

                    "It has to do with things brought to my attention by Ace," Progenitor answered.

                   "Huh?" I asked raising an eyebrow towards Ace.

                  While she explained, I nodded. All of the things she had brought up had sounded familiar. I paid attention to every detail, listening to what she had to say. Then added Progenitor's details involving the leech. "Quiet a few of my puppets had something quiet similar on them, but they all committed suicide," I added,"So heretic could be trying to cause trouble."

                     They nodded, before I added a final detail,"To top it all off, 2 men who I brought back without gluttonous intent, said they noticed proxies dead on a pyre. They meet up with me every once and, a while at The Glass Soul. You might find them there for more information."

                       Ace nodded, new determination in her eyes. "Progenitor," said Mai walking towards the 3 of us,"That boy Liu is healed up. I believe you said you wanted to be there when he woke up however."

                       Progenitor nodded, and then told Ace,"I want you to look into all of this Ace. So start making a plan with the information you have. I have to go."

                      Ace nodded, she was ready, and coming up with something already. "Take care of her and, the others here when I'm gone," She said giving me a serious look.

                      "I will, but what are you going to do?" I asked with a look.

                     "I need to think about that, but I already have some bad feelings," She answered.

                     "There was one piece of info I left out," I said, causing Ace to look at me with peaked interest,"At least 3 of these new puppets, were demons close to the Slenderman or Zalgo. Seeing as no one has seen the master of illusions, Slender is the only one I should really have to worry about."

                     "Ok you didn't want to worry Progenitor then," Ace said,"but you still shouldn't play with fire."

                     I laughed, looking at her before saying,"I know, I'll be careful little pup."

                    She laughed, before starting to get ready to leave,"Goodbye Necro. I need to think, but if I need to I'll come and talk to you again."

                    I waved as she fully turned away, and then walked out of my sights. Somehow I knew though, she was going to run into someone, a friend most likely.

AN: Finally chapter 2 is done! There is at least one thing I'd like to cover before talking about this chapter, and that is I want to thank REED681us (from wattpad) for his constructive criticism in chapter 1! I'm also very thankful for his encouragement in both the Prolouge, and chapter 1! If it hadn't been for his constructive criticism this chapter might not have been as long. So I guess this chapter is dedicated to him! Now again I am open to constructive criticism, suggestions for creepypastas to use, and suggestions for oc creepypasta's in the comments below. As I said, this may include head cannons, and as you can probably tell by now, Zalgo is not the villain of this story! Though I did mention him in this chapter I have yet to decide if he is actually going to play a roll in the story. So don't get you hopes up too high. As you could see I have started to introduce Homicidal Liu, and just a heads up I will be introducing Laughing Jack in the next chapter. I almost forgot Raggedy Ann in this chapter, and I briefly let Slits sit out too. Hopefully however Slits will have more interactions in the future. Raggedy Ann will definitely have some in the next chapter! So anyway, see ya in the next chapter!

Chapter 2: The Witches Circle
I feel proud of how long I managed to make this chapter! It made writing this even more fun, though if I'm being completely honest, I feel like I've made a lot of the characters sound very similar. This worries me, so please tell me if there is anything I can do to change that! But yay chapter 2 is finished! Whoo hoo! Again if you want to see the chapters, the moment they come out, look me up on Wattpad, where my name is NikolaMirror120. So yeah! that's it here's the table of contents.

Unreal Creepy Reality Table of contents:

Prolouge: What is Reality? (… )

Chapter 1: Murder amongst Murderers (… )

Chapter 2: The Witches Circle (You are here!)

Chapter 3: Laughing Jack and, The Glass Soul (… )
I drew this demon child, who might be a villain turned hero. I haven't given her a name yet, but I was humming a tune in my kitchen, and I wanted to put her picture in the video. So here's a little 2 minute song for her. One with me humming the same tune~! Make sure to check out my Youtube channel Tesla's Garden for more content, such as Speedpaints, animations, and audio drama's!


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