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sorry sister ! Fluttershy and Zephyr Breeze

By sallycars
in MS-paint win 7
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pfft XD, nice one!
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You've draw this in MS paint!!

It looks so nice! I love it!!
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THANKS you !!

Yep MS-paint win7  mouse only  ;)

Geez, that's a good job for MS Paint!

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Even though they never wear anything, when it involves a shower/bath, this is somehow embarrassing XD
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But it is always funny when something happens :)
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There is such a nifty device, called the lock on the door. I would recommend, but  if there is no bolt in the door, you should knock. Another thing, ponies usually walk "naked." Clothes carry it only in exceptional situations. So I don't understand problem. 
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Yes its no problem , But it is always a good joke HahahaNO Emote 
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Yes is still funny. 
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I don't understand why it's a big deal though because ponies are usually naked anyway
I still didn't understand why Starlight was embarrassed when she walked in on Spike brushing his teeth lol
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but is so funny Rarity encantada 
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Heh, Rarity's not the only one that forgot.
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That's a straight up face-slap right there, and that's coming from the younger brother of FIVE (5) sisters! I would get yelled at like I was coming into murder, and also five starred hard enough to make my face numb.
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We REALLY need to buy a lock for that door!
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