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orange Spitfire in Ms-Paint

By sallycars
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what is better ?
alternative version:…
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I say both are cool but I like this one better. Also, I see you Rainbow and ScootsWink/Razz 
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THANKS  Twilight (Squee) Plz 

yes but I find the version of the picture something too crowded at details MLP Emote Bigmac Big Macintosh Speechless 
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Oooh this is very cool!! Love it!! ^_^ :D <3

Oh definitely this version with the plane and Rainbow Dash and Scoots ^_^ <3 Hnnnng!!!
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thanks you !
yha i like the small details also XD
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I love your work; I've always respected it. Very unique, very distinct, but capturing a familiar pop-art feel with the heavy lines and bright colors. I love seeing what you create :')
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Many Thanks Rainbow Dash and Tank (hug) #3 plz 
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You're welcome :3
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Planes, eh? But some ponies can fly...
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But perhaps it is discord  in the plane ? Discord Icon 3 
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Well, he IS known for being absolutely LOLSORANDOM, so...
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