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Flutter Bat and Apple I-Phone My little Pony

By sallycars
I've also made ​​this picture with MS-Paint
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awww omg  is soo cute Meow :3 
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  /)(\  THANKS YOU !
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you're welcome
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I knew I'd see this at one point or another
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That's Cute a hell! At least, she doesn't have mine
*checks pocket*
Where's my...
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Yes she like Apple  The Apple 
Me:Well she's not near my iPad, flutterbat: (chewing on iPad), me:hey gimme my iPad back, flutterbat:hiss, me: ok chew on it do what makes you happy
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Phew, my phone is safe, gladly mine's an Android.
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This is one Apple she cannot bite on
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Silly Flutters, that's not a real apple...
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This reminds me of a rap xD
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check pokets and room Hey where is my phone Flutterbat
Flutterbat : i have it :) thanks flutter bat
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