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Filly Rainbow Dash Teenager Apple Jack clay figure

By sallycars
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These are first my last and first clay figures that I have made. The figure I have made for a good purpose.  And will probably be in two weeks at Galacon on Charity Auction .
For all who want to have one of the two ;)
sry for my bad english

rainbow dash motive link:…
Charity Auction…
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They both look really nice! Hope they raised a lot for charity ^_^
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THANKS  you !!

YES 70 € for dashy  and AJ for 110€ :)
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If I had the Dash one I would feel sad every time I looked at it.
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oh that is bad but i hope he get a good home . And every day one hug
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Wow these are awesome, sallycars :) (Smile)
Poor Rainbow Crash, one really wants to cheer her up and AJ's look is really cute too. I'm sure they will gain a lot for the good charity cause. I'm looking forward to meet you again there in Ludwigsburg.
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Thank you so much  . Yes  i want see you again Too   /)(\
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These are your first attempts at sculpture making? Wow, not bad.
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Thanks you but it was not easy ;)
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Good sculpting (heck, good-anything-that's-noteworthy) is never easy. But it can be worth it if you love sculpting enough.
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that is right to 100% i have much funMLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy to  make this and sometimes it was very hard to bring it to end and start again MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Frustrated Upset Slam .
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Aww, they are so cute, great work! I hope they sell for a good value ;)
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thanks you  I hope so, too Pinkie pie (hug and squee) plz 
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