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Sherlock and Irene.

During my free time ,i have decided to make a serie of drawings about Sherlock Holmes and many caracters from the books!!.

Even if Holmes and Adler never met this way , i wanted to put them together in the holmes office, for the fun!!!
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This is close to how I imagine it. Holmes is all "ACK! Cooties! Get thee behind me!"
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Holmes is like "GET OUT OF HERE WOMAN!!!!
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Holmes is like :GET AWAY FROM ME WOMAN!!!!
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J'adore ton style !!
Et la qualité est magnifique !!
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apart from ADORING these fabulous pictures im am SO glad that SOMEONE acknowledged that they did not in fact meet this way. thought i agree it would have been good fun ^^

Merry Christmas!
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Thanks so much! Merry christmas to you too!:D
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I love this one!!
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^^ eh eh, sherlock and "the woman"!

very nice!
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My god... I really love this.
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"The Woman"

hahaha, well done.
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Here via the link from QualityFanArt. What fun this is! Hee! Holmes feelings about women come through so very very well here.
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I love Sherlock's expression in this.
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Love it :D FAVE
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awah! i love his pose!
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