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Hard time for Sherlock Holmes

During my free time ,i have decided to make a serie of drawings about Sherlock Holmes and many caracters from the books!!
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Awwww. Maybe a girl dumped him? . . . Yeah . . . maybe not
- M
P.S. (I'd favourite the entire gallery but that would flood your inbox)
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Oh, poor Holmes... But your pic is stilll so awesome! All the details are drawn so cute, especially the kettle)
Don't worry, Mr Holmes, your great fan aka me will cure you! :)
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"The Dying Detective"? Or just a sort of ill Sherlock? Your illustrations of Holmes are some of my favourites that I've ever seen.
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Poor Holmes! Where is Dr. Watson? Sherlock needs his friend to worry over him a bit.....
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Oh I love the details, like the ashtray on the bed and the scarf :heart:
One of the best fanart pics ever! :hug: THANK YOU FOR POSTING IT ON HERE!!!!
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So much detail in such a small space, and yet it's not too busy at all. And I love how he keeps the revolver handy.
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Géniaux les messages subliminaux (presque) à propos de la Suisse !! Très bien fait en tout cas ce dessin ^^
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little known fact.

Sherlock Holmes used to take cocaine to stimulate his brain because he would have been driven mad by all of his brain activity.

Man's greatest weapon, can also be his greatest threat.
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Little known fact- Holmes never existed, and it was written as such that he would inject cocaine when he was bored?
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yeah, his mind constantly craved intellectual stimulation, and when he couldn't find something to combat that, he turned to tobacco, or to cocaine.
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Oh, I instantly had to fav this - I LOVE Sherlock Holmes, perhaps to the point of creepiness. I love your style and how there is so much detail in this piece, I can't stop looking at it :D
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Your style is really beautiful and I like the details of this picture. You have caught the bored atmosphere in here nicely.

(Btw..I have studied French, but I can't really speak it, because I didn't even bother to listen my spiky teacher, who yelled at us if we did something wrong! :D)
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thanks for your nice comment! :)
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Oh Lord, what happened to him? It's so sad!
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great picture. im a big fan of sherlock holmes.
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