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Maud Pie vector

By SallemCat
PinkiePie older sister :3

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...Is there a base for this?
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Yes and no. It's from the episode of MLP but I changed few thingsWink/Razz 
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Aw...I was really looking forward to using a base of this. :lol:
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feel free to use my work as a base :meownod: 
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Guten morgen mein fraulein Maud!
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I pity the rock - or pony - who gets pummeled by her.
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"You're lucky. Most ponies NEVER get me to change my face. Except my sister Pinkie, of course. Excuse me, Boulder is a young rock; he doesn't need to see this...."

-- Maud Pie, to a bully and heckler who had called her 'brain dead' since fillyhood for her deadpan demeanor and rare show of emotion, before weaponizing her rock-farming skills in a fit of uncharacteristic anger.

After the geologic Beatdown Maud dished out, it is rumored she picked up her beloved pet rock Boulder, got in the beaten bully's face, and said, "Am I still brain-dead. Do you still think I have no feelings." In her usual deadpan tone...but while wearing a grin the bully described as "bucking psychotic".
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It's always the quiet ones...
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HAIL *censored*!
xD I love this episode!
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Alright German Picklehaube old classic WWI German Helmet. 
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Maud: Ohh... a rock. Oh... Pinkie. Oh my. Looks like it's time to go blitzkrieg on that rock. *equips German bomber helmet*
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Hey I remember the bit if that episode maud destroyed a massive rock about to cruch pinkie she was dressed exactly like this good work nonetheless!!
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Picklehaubs are now canon!
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