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Snow Grem FFA Auction - [CLOSED]




★ Please bid under the featured comment by replying to the highest bidder with the exact dollar amount that you are bidding (or AB if you wish to autobuy)
★ DO NOT hide your bid for any reason. If a mistake was made or you have an emergency, note the seller to explain and ask for your bid to be retracted. 
Retracting or hiding bids may result in a warning or blacklist from future sales, depending on circumstances and past offenses.
★ DO NOT converse in bid chains - they are for bidding ONLY.
★ Payment via Paypal in USD only. You must pay within 24 hours after bidding has ended.
★ Payment plans will not be accepted for this sale.
★ We reserve the right to deny bids/purchases from accounts less than 3 months old.
★ By bidding/purchasing, you are agreeing to the T.O.S at the bottom of this description. Please be sure to read it.
★ You and up to ONE friend may attempt to purchase a grem for you. No more than 2 total people are allowed to 
attempt to AB a grem for any one person. This is to keep things fair for everyone.
★ One grem per person.

★ There is a SNIPE GUARD in place for all auctions. Bids placed within the last hour before 
the specified ending time will extend the auction’s end by an additional hour. 
This will affect all subsequent bids and continue extending the end-time until a full hour passes with no additional bids, at which point the auction will end.

Bidding will end on: Saturday, Nov 30th, 11PM EST


1. Pine Time

SB: $25
MI: $5
AB: $450

Ears: Split-End
Neck: Ear Fluff
Tail: Bun + Brush


2. Cold Blooded

SB: $25
MI: $5
AB: $450

Ears: Dangle (restricted)
Neck: Ridge 
Tail: Brush + Prehensile


Art by Salisburies
Grem2 © MrGremble

if you are interested in this species, check them out here! they are a closed species!


Grem2 Guidesheet 2017 by MrGremble
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© 2019 - 2022 Salisburies
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SEABlRD's avatar
hi how dare you continue to make the cutest grems??? the absolute best fluffie kiddos????? the eyebrows on pine time are coming for my life personally
iampeachyy's avatar
both of them are soooo cute
AlmostPepper's avatar
asdfghjk Pine Time is absolute perfection ;w;
Digimitsu's avatar
Dangle is a restricted trait now and no longer an exclusive trait? Curious 
Salisburies's avatar
Just a change in language! Same category~
Lycandigo's avatar
LastNight-Light's avatar
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
OH my goodness, Salisburies, these are so good :heart: I love the fuzzy chops of Pine Time! 

Quick question... Am I allowed to offer an addition sketch if anyone ABs Pine Time? As an award to encourage an AB for you Eyes Emoji 
Salisburies's avatar
I didn't catch this comment before I passed out and then spent all day driving to Chicago, but I really really appreciate it. ;; I'd be happy to allow that if you're still interested in offering aaaa! 
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
I'm very interested :heart: I saw you got an AB so I shall message the winner!
nocturnalraptor's avatar
pine's old MAN EYEBROWS, SO CUTE!!
perfectkawa's avatar
puts cold blooded in my mouth
Salisburies's avatar
Anxious-Space's avatar
If I can get that extra sketch, may I AB? AntiDarkHeart
Salisburies's avatar
Aaaa thank you so much for the interest in ABing! We don't really do conditional bids, but if you'd like to stand by the AB you can note me your PayPal info and I will get an invoice sent over! Given I have no control over any art offered by others, I can't really speak for AntiDarkHeart but if they are still interested in offering the AB bonus sketch, I am of course happy to allow that. ♥
AntiDarkHeart's avatar
Of course! Which expression would you like for your new fella?
Anxious-Space's avatar
He's a retired ol' grandpa so anything that would match that. Maybe a really relaxed and kind smile? :0c

Thank you for adding the sketch on though! I really appreciate it as you didn't need to but I also do love your gallery when I took a sneak xD
AntiDarkHeart's avatar Here you are!

I saw him and I had to draw his soft fuzzy face :heart: 
Anxious-Space's avatar
AAAAH??? I love this so much!! Thank you for doing this, it's so appreciated ^o^
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