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decapre X 23 Wolverine

XNALARA model by Postmortacum
© 2015 - 2021 salimano3
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Decapre doesn't appear in my roster. I do I get it?
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Do you have Ultra Street Fighter 4 installed?
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That's really cool. I hope you can add more mods like these. And that you fix your Claire mod by adding her shirt back.
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Gr8 Mod, The only thing that I can say is needed at least the second color. Also additional the missing claw would be great because wolverine has 3 and she has Only 2. The rest is just perfect. Thank you very much! Also great job modding her body awesome curves :D 
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The claw isn't missing. X-23 only has two claws in each hand. The third is in her foot instead.
look up a4andre for a tutorial on how to install. good video.
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can you tell me how do i intal the mods?
i really want to try out these costumes
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do you know where i can get cammy as ronda rousey mod ? 
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This is great! I would love one of X-23s original look too. Not that many Decapre mods out there, Awesome job.
Are there alternate colors included?
I love this mod but it's really hard to use mods without alternate colors if there are two players picking the same character and costume as yourself.
But it's still looks amazing!
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yes you are right i'm lazy
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make chun li SFV black dress mod plz
can you make it a cammy mod pls? its really awesome :)
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you can just rename the files but i think its better for decapre
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a pperfect mod, Cool!!!
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Cool. And you make the model for UMVC3?
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sorry i dont understand what tou mean
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X23 model for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
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Considering there isn't a PC port of the game its probably very unlikely.
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