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Happy birfday Sinny

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Mur.. know I'v once again have been absent..
Life can just been too busy for art... Well actually, to be quit honest I'm too distracted by the infinite knowledge that is on the internet... so I have been sitting in front of a computer for forever, gettin' all fat n lazy... heh..

Um, sumthing for one of mah oldest online buddies... She's part of the old skool crew back in the side7 days... Sinnamon! wut! wut! :iconsinnam0n:

It wuz her bday a couple days ago, so Im a little late, but actually got the urge and motivaition to do up a quick doodle for her... and a couple days lates is very much on time for me.... heh... it's been a very long time since Iv drawn her character...

Anyways, enough rambling, HERE'S SUM GIFT ART!!! *throws it in your face* hehehehe.
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i'm reposting here cause I checked my FA 1st

fffff I ADORE THIS <3 seriously the details and textures on this are AMAZING, I love your unique style, it's so expressive

also holy crap we are getting oldddddd seriously jeez we WERE like 13ish holy crap that is bananas

LOVE THIS :smooches:

also it does look a billion times better here then on FA
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yeah, FA just mangles and rapes whatever you post..