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Spania - Bizantine Empire Province 551 - 630 CE by SalesWorlds Spania - Bizantine Empire Province 551 - 630 CE by SalesWorlds
This maps continues the previous historical map of Andalusia: Province of Baetica - Visigothic Kingdom 418 - 546 The next is Duchy of Baetica - Visigothic Kingdom 631 - 711 CE

In 550, in the reign of Agila I, the Visigothic Kingdom was troubled by a series of revolts, two of which were serious. The citizens of Corduba rebelled against Gothic rule and Agila was roundly defeated, his son killed, and the royal treasure lost. He himself retreated to Emerita Also in 551, a nobleman named Athanagild took Hispalis, capital of Baetica, and presumed to rule as king in opposition to Agila. Athanagild approached the Byzantines for assistance and begged the emperor Justinian for help.

The army was probably sent in 552 and made landfall in June or July. Roman forces landed probably at Malaca and joined with Athanagild to defeat Agila as he marched south from Emerita towards Hispalis in August or September 552.

In late March 555, the supporters of Agila, in fear of the recent Byzantine successes, turned and assassinated him, making Athanagild the king of the Goths. Quickly the new king tried to rid the Visigothic Kingdom of the Byzantines, but failed. The Byzantines occupied all coastal cities in Baetica and this region was to remain a Byzantine province until its reconquest by the Visigoths barely seventy years later.
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