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Mediterranean Kingdom Coat of Arms by SalesWorlds Mediterranean Kingdom Coat of Arms by SalesWorlds
A coat of arms I designed for the Mediterranean Kingdom in 1750 CE.

The coat of arms represents the territories united under the crown: Naples, Aragon, Sicily, León, Castille, Portugal, Savoy, Milan, Navarre, Granada and Toscana. The crown is the imperial one. A laurel wreath surrounds the coat, representing the ambition over the Mediterranean inspired by the Roman Empire.

This kingdom is based on an alternative-history country formed after the marriage of Charles II of Spain and Maria Luisa of Savoy. Their union gave birth to Charles III of the Habsburg House, so the War of the Spanish Succession after which the Bourbon dynasty took the Spanish throne never occurred.

The ambition of Charles III over the Mediterranean made him arrange an agreement with the Republic of Genoa in 1715. After this, the Pope crowned him Imperator and yielded all the papal territories to the kingdom. It was a matter of time until Tuscany was taken and merged almost the whole italian peninsula. The Republic of Venice gave support during the military campaign in exchange of help from the new kingdom at the war against the Ottomans, in order to maintain the control over the Adriatic Sea, but was reticent about joining under the flag of Charles III.
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