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Four kingdoms of Andalusia. 1492 - 1720 by SalesWorlds Four kingdoms of Andalusia. 1492 - 1720 by SalesWorlds
This maps continues the previous historical map of Andalusia: Emirate of Garnatah - 1244 - 1492 The next is Andalusia 1833 - 1931

The Four Kingdoms of Andalusia was a collective name designating the four kingdoms of the Crown of Castile located in the southern Iberian Peninsula, south of the Sierra Morena. These kingdoms were won from Muslim rule by the Christian monarchs of Castile during the Reconquista; as such, all four were former taifas: the Kingdom of Córdoba was conquered in 1236, the Kingdom of Jaén in 1246, the Kingdom of Seville in 1248 and the Kingdom of Granada in 1492. These four kingdoms occupied almost exactly the same territory as the present day Spanish autonomous community of Andalusia.

On 3 August 1492 Christopher Columbus left the town of Palos de la Frontera, with the first expedition that resulted in the Europeans learning of the existence of America. Many Andalusians participated in the expedition that would end the Middle Ages and signal the beginning of modernity. Contacts between Spain and the Americas, including royal administration and the shipping trade of Spanish colonies for over three hundred years, came almost exclusively through Andalusia. As a result, it became the wealthiest, most influential region in Spain and amongst the most influential in Europe. However, Habsburg ambitions elsewhere in Europe diverted much of the colonial wealth to war. Discontent with this situation culminated in 1641, when the Andalusian nobility staged an unsuccessful conspiracy to gain independence in 1641 from the provincial government of the Gaspar de Guzmán, Count-Duke of Olivares.

This territory organization stands until 1720, when Philip V of Spain, the first king of the Bourbon House, made a new one.
darkkark Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2018
El Reino de Granada nunca fue considerado un reino de Andalucía hasta bien entrado el siglo XIX, e incluso entonces la mayoría de los intelectuales seguía sin considerarlo. Es en gran medida un invento del andalucismo actual.
Gregxter Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Very good rendition of Andalucia!
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