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1st Taifas period in Al-Andalus by SalesWorlds 1st Taifas period in Al-Andalus by SalesWorlds
This maps continues the previous historical map of Andalusia: Caliphate of Córdoba 929-1031 The next is: Al Andalus - Almoravid Empire 1085 - 1147

A 'taifa' was an independent Muslim-ruled principality, of which a number were formed in Al-Andalus after the final collapse of the Caliphate of Córdoba in 1031. Most of these were emirates, but there was one oligarchy, Isbilya (Seville).

During the late 11th century, when the First Crusade waves were carving out their territories in the Jerusalem area, the Christians of the northern Iberian peninsula set out to take over the Muslim territories. The caliphate of Córdoba, at this time among the richest and most powerful states in Europe, underwent civil war. As a result, it broke into taifas, small rival emirates fighting among themselves.

However, the political decline and chaos was not immediately followed by cultural decline. Intense intellectual and literary activity continued in some of the larger taifas.

About 30 taifas were independent after the civil war and conflict in Al-Andalus. The strongest and largest taifas in this first period (11th century) were the Taifa of Saraqusta (Zaragoza), Taifa of Tulaytula (Toledo), Taifa of Bataliyaws (Badajoz) and the Taifa of Isbilya (Seville). The only taifa which conquered most of the weak neighbours was Taifa of Isbilya under the Abbadid Dynasty ruler.
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Thank you, I'm currently re-reading Richard Fletcher's The Quest for El Cid and this helps a lot
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I'm glad this helps you! Thanks!
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