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Aradia's lusus by SalemSaberhagen12 Aradia's lusus :iconsalemsaberhagen12:SalemSaberhagen12 2 1
Freedom's Cost PT 4
    Dave knew that he was doomed to loose the stare down from the start. That didn't stop him from trying. Grey eyes glared into bright red. The shorter troll growling softly as Dave met his stare dead on.
    "Not gonna wear the collar."
    "Yes you are..."
    "You have to, moron."
    "Not your pet, man."
    "You are now!" The troll tackled him with a snarl and clipped the red collar around Dave's neck. It was loose but that didn't stop the troll from smirking with victory.
    "Yes you are, Dave."
    Jake sat silently, leaning against the tall tree. Keeping watch as the others slept. He had claimed first watch, simply because he wouldn't have been able to sleep with all the thoughts running
:iconsalemsaberhagen12:SalemSaberhagen12 0 5
Freedom's Cost PT 3
------------------------ Dave --------------------------------------
 The troll's hive was clean, dark, and quiet. Soft carpet muffled both Dave's and the troll's footsteps as they walked into the home.
 "You'll be sleeping there." The troll pointed to a large pile of blankets before walking away. Dave collapsed into the pile. The blankets were soft and warm and way better than the floor. Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad after all.
------------------------- John ------------------------------
John stood, shaking horribly, on the stage as trolls passed him. Very few stopped to glance at him before walking away with a scowl. All the good humans were gone, they hissed, sold to pathetic low bloods. John was weak looking, others growled before walking away.
 Slowly, the number of humans on the stage diminished and John was left with only two others. Roxy and a boy with bright green eyes.
 The three of them were silent as trolls in red armor led them back to the ship.
:iconsalemsaberhagen12:SalemSaberhagen12 0 19
Freedom's Cost PT 2
 John watched in horror as the troll led Dave away. It was bad enough that the trolls had killed his father, but now they were taking his new friend away?! They were being sold like slaves or pets or servants!
 Tears began to form at the corners of John's eyes, it was too much for him. This was wrong! He wanted this to be over! To wake up from this horrible dream!
  He couldn't, because this wasn't a dream. He knew it wasn't a dream. It was real and- Oh why couldn't this be a dream?! Why couldn't this just be a bad dream that John could wake up from and forget?! Why did this have to be real?!
 The tears threatened to spill over his cheeks as he watched the trolls lead more and more people away. The crowd was smaller now, though. There weren't as many trolls anymore and soon the humans were led back onto the ship and into their rooms.
 John quickly resumed his position of sitting against the wall and trying not to cry out of fear. It really didn't help and John
:iconsalemsaberhagen12:SalemSaberhagen12 0 0
Freedom's Cost PT 1.2
 A hand landed on Dave's shoulder, causing him to jump slightly and curse under his breath.
 "Hey, lil' man." Bro whispered when Dave turned around.
 "They got you too? We're doomed..." Dave mumbled, starring at his brother's face, looking for the plan he knew Bro had made.
 "Yeah, they came from behind and next thing I know, I'm waking up in a white room." Bro shook his head, "They were too fast..." Where was Bro's plan? It had to be there in his orange eyes!
 John shushed the two and pointed at a few people. Trolls were already surrounding the silent humans. Treating them as if they were animals. It was horrible to watch, but Dave couldn't stop. He watched as trolls bought and led the humans away to their new lives.
 A short, nubby horned troll slowly approached Dave. He began looking over Dave silently.
 "Turn around." The troll growled.
 "No." The troll frowned.
 "Turn around."
 With a soft growl the troll walked away, r
:iconsalemsaberhagen12:SalemSaberhagen12 0 13
Freedom's Cost PT1
 Dave's eyes were wide behind his shades as the two figures behind him pushed him farther and farther from his apartment. They spoke quietly in a mix of chirps, clicks, and growls, making it impossible for Dave to know where it was they were taking him. Out of the corner of his eye he was only able to see that they both wore blue armor with symbols on their wrists.
 They gripped Dave's upper arms harshly and he was sure he would have bruises soon from it. Dave had already tried to escape, but it had only resulted in a swift punch to his face and a shock collar. (Which was a bit much saying as it seemed to be thought activated and gave a truly nasty shock at even the slightest though of violence.)
 The figures, Dave had begun to think of them as trolls due to the fact that he was pretty sure they had horns, stopped walking. They were standing in front of a futuristic-looking ship and Dave nearly laughed because of how stupid it looked sitting there in the middle of the st
:iconsalemsaberhagen12:SalemSaberhagen12 1 16
Sudiro Fahimn by SalemSaberhagen12 Sudiro Fahimn :iconsalemsaberhagen12:SalemSaberhagen12 0 11 Silent Flame by SalemSaberhagen12 Silent Flame :iconsalemsaberhagen12:SalemSaberhagen12 1 12 Chibi Slenderman! by SalemSaberhagen12 Chibi Slenderman! :iconsalemsaberhagen12:SalemSaberhagen12 1 13
Another Story Thing
       I carefully stepped over the vines that littered the ground and studied my surroundings. It felt so strange to look at what was once my home, now covered in small shrubs and vines. The walls slowly crumbling under the weight of the vines and the floor broken to small pieces from burrowing tree roots.
       Fox walked right beside me, the little orange cat never left my side. Ever. He had always been with me. I couldn't name a time when he wasn't.
       "This way, Fox. Let's see if we can find my bedroom before the sun rises." I whispered and slowly walked to where my room once was. Only one sky blue wall still stood, and it looked as it were about to fall soon. The other three walls were in pieces and scattered across the floor. All in all, what used to be my home was now a rubble pile. No one was going to live there anytime soon. Especially with all the killer plants everywhere.
       I sigh soft
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Taranh Zanilt by SalemSaberhagen12 Taranh Zanilt :iconsalemsaberhagen12:SalemSaberhagen12 3 0
We all have FEELINGS...
We have all felt  anger   .
  have all felt  shame   .
       all felt  weak    .
           felt  hopeless.
                 useless .
They are only words    .
    are only feelings .
        only messages .
              thoughts .
Sent to our mind  .
    to our heart .
       our body  .
            sole  .
Words do not hurt   .
     do not kill   .
        not injure .
            matter .
Or do they matter ?
  do they injure ?
     they kill   ?
          hurt   ?
Let them out       .
   them take over .
:iconsalemsaberhagen12:SalemSaberhagen12 3 11
What is normal?
What is "normal"?
                It's what comes naturally.
Are crazy people "normal" then?
Why not?
                They just... Aren't
How so?
                They don't act "normal"
But what is "normal"?
                I-I don't know...
Does "normal" even exist?
                Well, yea.
Prove it.
                We're talking about it right?
That doesn't mean that it's real.
                I-it doesn't?
                Oh... So "normal" doesn't exist?
It might, it might not.
:iconsalemsaberhagen12:SalemSaberhagen12 4 5
Part 1
I grabbed the branch above my head and pulled my self up. Below me I could hear the dogs searching for me.
I cursed under my breath as I scraped my hand on the rough tree bark. Luckily the cut wasn't deep. That was good.
“Find the girl and bring her back alive! Those are your orders! Do not fail!” I looked down and saw Makis, a man with eyes as black as night. He was attractive in a way, but dangerous. Oh, so dangerous. He is strong enough to kill some one with a single blow. Any were. He has short, thick, black hair, a lot like mine.
Makis and I, we're from the same strand of DNA. We, along with the dogs, are G.E.L.O.s (pronounced Jello. Funny right?) G.E.L.O. stands for Genetically Engineered Living Organisms. A mix of human DNA with the DNA of animals some times giving us tails or some thing. But always giving us some thing, always. I was lucky, I got the mind of a super computer, the strength of a bull, and the speed of a cheetah.
So, any way, I'm in a tree, hiding from
:iconsalemsaberhagen12:SalemSaberhagen12 5 30
Luther by SalemSaberhagen12 Luther :iconsalemsaberhagen12:SalemSaberhagen12 3 24 Alphonse Elric Cat by SalemSaberhagen12 Alphonse Elric Cat :iconsalemsaberhagen12:SalemSaberhagen12 1 2


Sun and Moon by Deidaras-roomate Sun and Moon :icondeidaras-roomate:Deidaras-roomate 154 29 Endangered line up by LeijonNepeta Endangered line up :iconleijonnepeta:LeijonNepeta 110 6 Wispy Ghost Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties Wispy Ghost Dragon :icondragonsandbeasties:DragonsAndBeasties 3,044 154 Round Yin Yang Miniature Koi Pond by PepperTreeArt Round Yin Yang Miniature Koi Pond :iconpeppertreeart:PepperTreeArt 694 28 Sale - Dollhouse Scale Drinks by PepperTreeArt Sale - Dollhouse Scale Drinks :iconpeppertreeart:PepperTreeArt 324 9 Watermelon Cake Slice Earrings by PepperTreeArt Watermelon Cake Slice Earrings :iconpeppertreeart:PepperTreeArt 259 25 Poison Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties Poison Dragon :icondragonsandbeasties:DragonsAndBeasties 3,350 152 My Little Pony themed Spiral necklaces by FrozenNote My Little Pony themed Spiral necklaces :iconfrozennote:FrozenNote 144 10 Warning stamp by Fireyskull97 Warning stamp :iconfireyskull97:Fireyskull97 218 36 My Life, Based On A True Story by LaurenEatsChildren My Life, Based On A True Story :iconlaureneatschildren:LaurenEatsChildren 225 11 White lines of Toldt by SirvanaRachana White lines of Toldt :iconsirvanarachana:SirvanaRachana 118 6 Comic - I Brought You a Letter! by muffinshire Comic - I Brought You a Letter! :iconmuffinshire:muffinshire 743 94 Kanaya by Oursolemnsoul Kanaya :iconoursolemnsoul:Oursolemnsoul 58 7 Sardonix by Oursolemnsoul Sardonix :iconoursolemnsoul:Oursolemnsoul 157 18 Jersey by tinselswan Jersey :icontinselswan:tinselswan 524 74


Freedom's Cost is on Hiatus! Cause some people *cough*me*cough* jump into projects way too quickly and soon drown in them. I've decided to edit the crud out of it anyways and the parts I have up will probably be taken down or moved to a new folder or something...

Malice and I are working on a web comic on MSPFanAdventures and we have hopes of getting it all worked out and posted soon. (We being me)(me being the main writer cause I pretty much stole the comic from her...)

I've also been drawing and writing and being very artistic. At the same time, I've been lazy cause I haven't posted anything... I've been wasting time on Tumblr...
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  • Eating: chips
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Why I love Homestuck by underseagalaxies :thumb280641471: Iron Infidel by UsagiGami
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Ruffini's corpuscles by SirvanaRachana : Mambostuck Sollux by UsagiGami
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INTERNET by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Throw the CHEESE by JustAutumn PnF - This stamp is a platypus by sam-ely-ember
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Mind Stamp by jenepooh
Jack Sparrow Stamp by RogueLottie APH - Italy by BoundWithFoxBlood
Jack Stamp by Chanjar1 Stamp : piss me off .. by SHIZU-91 Stamp : typing it out ... by SHIZU-91
Some of my OCs... by TheBadWolf Weird if I didn't Hear Voices by Foxxie-Chan I Support My Right To Rant by Foxxie-Chan
Moments you need... stamp by dazza1008 Prussia Is Awesome by KuraiKyuketsu
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OTP(s) ---> Sufferer x Disciple by n-c-b-stamps Mituna x Latula by UsagiGami APH: Chibitalia x HRE Stamp by Chibikaede


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