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Looks like what I have written is not poetry but I am sharing it anyway. So I am not sure what it is. I will leave it up to you all to make up your own minds as I see it art is art whatever form it may take so here is some more of mine. UP THE STAIRS TO BEDFORDSHIRE I wrote for my daughter. This one is personal.


Having suffered an unsettling childhood parents should be aware.
That too many in happy memories will raise children of despair.
Actions speak louder than words but, oh how words can hurt,
Violent rages, disturbing scenes were all these children learnt.
Just looking for a little love, innocently unaware.
Giving soo much receiving so little just needing someone to care.
Always looing for fantasy figures. strong gallant and bold.
To rescue them and carry them away to a peaceful beautiful world.
Out of the frying pan into the fire, so easily they are led,
Hand in hand they go with fate with destiny they tread.

Enter into one child's life now and you do so at your own peril,
Heed my warning learn it well for her master is a devil.
He keeps her in a prison of fear, keep your distance strangers beware.
She's his prey, you're his victim, please don't enter don't play the game dare.
Sometimes he appears quite human, a happy go lucky chap,
Careful look behind his eyes it's just another trap.
If you feel you are brave enough to crawl inside his web.
He'll beat you to an inch of your life, or leave you emotionally dead.
Can't you see around her throat her masters slacken rope,
Try and remove it stranger and you'll see the lady choke.
Roll up lads and lasses, care to test you skill,
Her master wants to get his kicks, he wants to get his thrills.
He wants to find out what makes you tick, while he's toying with your brain.
Think quickly now, don't make mistakes, he's callous and he maims.

Two different people, two different backgrounds both struggling against their fears,
The only thing they bring themselves are anger, frustration and tears
Don't blame them or pity them, it's really not their fault,
They are acting out apon life's stage exactly what they were taught.
That marriage is an institution, where lambs are led to the slaughter,
With noose not a ring and a certificate the reads from now, until hell freezes over.
The public see only a masquerade, what they want them to see,
Both of them are battle worn with scars you just cant see.
There is one thing this pair are clever at, on one thing they agree,
How easy it is to deceive themselves then to se each other free.   ©Y.Bridle. aka salem1960

I was in a very dark place when I wrote this. Poetry or not this was better out than in. Which at the time helped me.


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United Kingdom
Hello I cant remember a time when I have not been drawing or doodling something or even not being crafty and creative so I am doing something I love and now seems the right time to get some of my work out there and see what happens.


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