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amazing love it very neat :)
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Excellent icons. Thanks a lot. I blogged about them, here's a trackback [link]
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Really awesome!
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looking awesome :+fav:
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damn I never thought of using my iphone icons on my desktop. you rule thx
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very very nice :D
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 +!!!!


Really Good

Will install on my iPodTouch when i Get an iPhone :P
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Great man, Thanks!!
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Looks awesome! Will install when I manage to re-jailbreak my iPod.
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First thing I wanna say is I LOVE TENEO !!!

I started theming my iPhone yesterday (eheh), but have been "collecting" themes for almost a year now and from all my 5 favorite themes Teneo is definitely THE "special one"!
The combination between the detailed icons themselves and the rest of the graphics is perfect for me!
Teneo really makes me wanna "make love" to my iPhone! Metaphorically, that is... :)

For a minute, when I saw Teneo again in my deviations notice, I thought that you had updated it with some more of your own icons. But then I downloaded it again and saw that you didn't! :( :( :(
I must express my deepest sadness for this... I hope you don't mind Marc...

When I first started "collecting" Teneos for my apps I realized that you didn't include too many icons. Although there are many user contributed icons in MTF and here on deviantART, most of them (like the ones I tried to make) don't really keep up with what you've done with Teneo. There are some very good ones made mostly by some really good artists, but they are very few. :(
My point is, Teneo is such a great piece of art that I think it deserves to be continued by you and by equally great artists till the end of times. It deserves to have a huge collection of icons with the detail you initially gave them, maintaining all the perfectness they represent!

Thank you Marc!
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