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Mini Icon Set

Included sizes are 48px, 32px and 16px. I would like to thank Adrian Kenny for compiling alternative icon formats.
© 2009 - 2021 Salehhh
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Coca Cola!!! *о*
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Although these icons seem a little random, they're still very nicely designed. :)
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Every icon is simply great, except the bottle, which looks a bit flat.
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Awesome icon set! Thanks! :D
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are there similar icons for a theme on the iphone, I like em alot
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Insanely good!
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Love your work :)
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Very good !
They're perfect for AvedesK :D
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nice icons man
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you already know how I feel about this set.... keep them coming man
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I like that keyboard a *lot*. :+fav:

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:wow: so awesome mate...really liking them, thanks!
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Yayy finally, saw these on your flickr

i hate you for being so awesome :(

haha :+fav:
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nice icons :)
keep it up .
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Really nice work ! :)
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Awesome man, theese icons are great! ;)
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