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Hey guys! Maybe it's because of DA's 20th anniversary or midlife crisis lol, but nostalgia hit me hard lately and I started to think of all the people I met through the internet for the last 2 decades. I could keep in touch with some of you guys and that's awesome, I'm really grateful we could still have fun and share a bit of our lives (through social networks or even better, IRL) during all that time. I hope we'll keep contact for another 2 decades :) Now, how about all the people I used to know? where are you guys?? If you still remember me, and met me either on DA, IRC chans, Oekaki boards (yes !), or even through MMORPG (especially Ragnarok Online and World of Warcraft), please drop me a few words. I really want to know what happened to you and how's your life now. Are you still drawing? Do you have any social media pages where I can see you art? Please let me know! or just tell me you're doing fine :) Maybe my post would be just some message in a bottle thrown into this frakking huge ocean that is internet, but I hope someone I used to know (and used to know me as well) will find it. Cheers!

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