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Newton is now in my cartoon world which means he gets to break reality in any way he pleases. Even if he ends up leaving the internet traumatized and afraid.
So um-
Lemme explain myself

So basically, someone on Google+ suggested that I draw newton with different colors for his face to represent his emotions
(Such as blue=sad or red=mad)
so I used all the colors of the rainbow and made a bi-polar Newton. He's screaming because he has no idea how to feel. Help him please
oh yeah here's an old oc of mine
I started drawing this son of a gun back in fifth grade (so like, as a 9 year old). Surprisingly enough, I still draw her in comics, but not as I used to. Her name is Huskya even though that's the stupidest name ever (SHE ISN'T EVEN A HUSKY TF-) I'm still trying to find a new name that will fit her.

She has two forms, her "regular form" and "beast form". I still gotta make a pic for her "beast form" but it's basically this form but bigger, no clothes or makeup, not even tits. It's just full on werewolf shit. She would go wild if she was pissed off or fighting.

She doesn't have much of a personality but she's kinda like a "nice" girl. Everything is your fault and she basically will murder you if you don't treat her like the queen of the world. Of course, this behaviour has landed her in jail many times but she continues to break out of prison using her powers or is bailed out by her several "boyfriends". She is somewhat disliked by her close friends but they still accept her. Somehow she still attracts guys that she uses to get what she wants. Lets just say she's not the nicest person in the world.

That's her I guess. If you have any good name suggestions, let me know!
A Night Out
This is my first time doing lineless art and I really like it! I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone to make this one and uM (this took me about 3 hours o_O) of course, over time, I'll get better at this kind of stuff involving my art. Hope you like it!
Idk why but I wanna share some crazy ass dream I had last night with y'all because why not? Honestly it wasn't as bad as I thought but some parts of it were just terrifying.

So basically, (I'm monky) I'm going to school and it's lunch time. Usually I have money in my account but for some reason this time I didn't. I didn't think much of it since I didn't feel hungry but the much lady was like, "well, you're done for." At this time I was confused so I was like "huh?" and she just stared at me with the most blank face imaginable.

Some lady with a brown trench coat, black boots, and long blond/brown hair walked into the cafeteria with two security guards following her. The guards grabbed me by the arms, lifted me up in the air, and walked out if the cafeteria with pretty much every other student looking on with shock and worry. They told me I had detention for not being able to afford lunch and i almost couldn't believe it.

They then put me down when we reached a random neighborhood I didn't recognize. Apparently we had walked out if the school and magically appeared there. The lady said she worked at my school but I have never seen nor met her up until the the cafeteria.

She took me behind a fence and we entered a random garage on a side door. Inside she turned on the light revealing a dark grey car. She told me "get in punk" as she shoved me inside, covered my mouth with tape, and handcuffed me to a metal hoop next to the seat. She got in front, opened the garage door with a remote, started the car, and sped off into the distance.

She was driving for hours and we didn't stop for food, to use the restroom, or even for gas. She just kept on going as I was still in the backseat handcuffed and silent. She never looked back at me or started any kind of conversation. Just silence. I look outside my window and I notice it's dark out and we appear to be in a whole new city. It was so bright and neon and I wanted to look at it but I was so tired so I passed out.

I later woke up in a dark and gloomy apartment. It reeked of sweat and expired milk. The lady was sitting on a chair looking down at me with the most devious smile on her face, one that reached ear to ear. She was holding a spiked whip with chunks of human hair and other...stuff on it. I immediately broke into tears. I wasn't ready. I didn't want this! She slowly rose from the chair she rested on and kicked me in the face. I fell over onto my side with tears rolling down my face as she kicked harder and faster. She eventually whipped me about 5 times until I blacked out.

I woke up in a front yard, grass neatly trimmed and rose bushes to my side. The lady was there watering plants, not even noticing I've woken up. I look down covered in bruises and scabs. I wasn't handcuffed and there was no tape around my mouth. A car passes by. A familiar one. My mom's driving and she's scanning around. She sees me and stops. I immediately run as she unlocks the car and I jump in. The lady doesn't even move a muscle as we speed off and out of the neighborhood.

All I remember after that is returning to school and entering the cafeteria, seeing the lunch lady look up and smile at me. I decided to not eat lunch that day.

That was my crazy ass nightmare I had like last night. Wasn't very fun. Nightmares are somewhat a common occurrence for me which isn't necessarily a good thing.  
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Zoeisawsome Salamander
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United States
Howdy! I'm a traditional and digital artist!
I also animate on flipnote from time to time.

I do draw gore so if that bothers you, sorry.

One thing you'd need to know about me is that I LOVE Little Big Planet! (especially newton >w>;)

I've been making comics and doodles for about 5 years going on 6!

Art trades and/or requests are pretty much always open, ((no nsfw or porn)) so ask away!

I love drawing spooky stuff too so if you got any suggestions, hit me up fam :D


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