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(GIFT) Mechanical Storytime
He finally found it.
It took him a lot of sneaking around in bushes and avoiding cars, but Furball snuck out of his restaurant that night to travel to a library where one of his good friends, Dutchess, or as he refers to her, "Nana", worked.
Furball has never been to a library before, and he started thinking about what it would look like.
Would it have rides? Games? What kind of food did it serve?
It was 11 PM and the library was open all day, all night. Though obviously nobody was there this late, at least nobody human.
Furball opened the door with a small *ding* of a bell attached to it, and gazed around at his new location.
It was full of... books! Lots and lots of books! Furball has never seen so many books in one place before! Curiousity took over his AI, and he started looking at the titles of some books on a shelf.
There were so many different books to pick from! Furball wished he had a library in his restaurant.
Suddenly, his ears perked up at detecting a sound. The sounds of g
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Furball Official Reference Sheet 2018 by SalaAlternate Furball Official Reference Sheet 2018 :iconsalaalternate:SalaAlternate 117 107 OIL PLS by SalaAlternate OIL PLS :iconsalaalternate:SalaAlternate 19 47 Adventure Ponies! - Collab with Char Char by SalaAlternate Adventure Ponies! - Collab with Char Char :iconsalaalternate:SalaAlternate 19 12 FURBALL BUDSIE!!! by SalaAlternate FURBALL BUDSIE!!! :iconsalaalternate:SalaAlternate 66 116 Ice Cream for Oil! by SalaAlternate Ice Cream for Oil! :iconsalaalternate:SalaAlternate 10 34 Time for an upgrade! by SalaAlternate Time for an upgrade! :iconsalaalternate:SalaAlternate 5 19 Salahat-Bot by SalaAlternate Salahat-Bot :iconsalaalternate:SalaAlternate 9 27 Oil's Malfunction by SalaAlternate Oil's Malfunction :iconsalaalternate:SalaAlternate 9 19 Twinket, please! by SalaAlternate Twinket, please! :iconsalaalternate:SalaAlternate 6 6 Tipsy Mangle (REUPLOAD) by SalaAlternate Tipsy Mangle (REUPLOAD) :iconsalaalternate:SalaAlternate 13 9 This should be fun! XD by SalaAlternate This should be fun! XD :iconsalaalternate:SalaAlternate 1 34 hOI!! welcom to... da TEM SHOP!!! by SalaAlternate hOI!! welcom to... da TEM SHOP!!! :iconsalaalternate:SalaAlternate 12 15 When Oil sees the naughty by SalaAlternate When Oil sees the naughty :iconsalaalternate:SalaAlternate 7 29 LEGIT VALENTINE by SalaAlternate LEGIT VALENTINE :iconsalaalternate:SalaAlternate 2 11 I JUST by SalaAlternate I JUST :iconsalaalternate:SalaAlternate 22 30

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Heyo! My name is Salakirby! I had an old account, but it got hacked!
So now I'm using this alternate account, aptly named SalaAlternate!

I have a HUGE addiction to robots! Seriously, I think they're awesome! XD
I sometimes think I'm borderline obsessed with them! ;w;

I also LOVE to play the piano! I try my hardest to practice and make up songs every day! :D

I'm a huge butt, but I'm a pretty good friend! If you wanna chat, send an invite or a note!
I'd love another buddy! ^^

Steam: Salakirby
Skype: Salakirby
Discord: Salakirby#4631

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I'm curious about Furball, Does Furball have a Toy Animatronic edition of Him and a Withered Animatronic Edition of Him 
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Yeah, how come you ask?
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Well I been having Ideas for Withered Furball for Ten Nights at Lucky & Bluebear' 3
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Oooooh! What would Withered Furball do?
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