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Flutterbat Cutiemark

By Sakuyamon
Welovefine put up a shirt with Flutterbat and her bat cutiemark, the pic wasnt great but I was able to use it to vectorize the bat symbols. Hopefully if pics with better quality come, I can make better vectors for it.
Feel free to use as you please.
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Lol this is funny. I played this one cutie mark maker game once and this was the design I chose for my oc, only difference is that her's is hot pink

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Are you taking requests? :D
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No, but I am taking commissions.
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Price list (in USD):

sketches: $10
lineart: $20
CG [without background]: $30
CG [with background]: $60
Extra characters: $5
Small Sprites: $10
Small Sprite sheets: $15

Extra characters means when you have a big pic with a lot of characters in it. Not when you want to do character renders of a few characters.
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Will  be needing it, seeing as I am making every possible form of my official oc
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is it really her cutie mark?
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Yes, that's at least the mark on the flutterbat shirt at Welovefine.
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alright, thank you!
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This stock was used here. Thank you for posting this.…

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Awesome! :D I used it in the picture at the beginning of a video I made. [link]
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Thanks! This is great!
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and now no one can get on to me for when my ocs cutie mark changes.
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This is really helpful, thank you! I used it here:… I just messed with the opacity to fit with my lighting ;)
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Hello there, I made this piece a few days ago but left out the cutie mark like a derp, thankfully I've rectified that situation using this wonderful vector!…
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Hi! I used and credited this vector. Uhm... hope you don't mind...…
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Hasn't even been a week and everypony has Flutterbat fever :/
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it's show accurate. thanks. :) 
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well as accurate as it can be when the show only showed zoomed out quick shots of it XD I took it from the welovefines shirt bat print
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Thanks for making this, ive used it as a base to make a digital embroidery file. I had to move the bats around a little to get them all on her rump, and it turned out great!
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He I can even make tve bara looks realistick and post it and it can I can still use it free good idea or why not key someone Malé it better and more realistic  bats
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