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Extermineigh! My Little Dalek

By Sakuyamon
I have seen Doctor Who things ponyfied...the automen, the tardis, River Song, Timelords...but most I have seen of ponyfied Daleks was only a change of paint (and they already had that in Doctor Who)...So it was time for them to enter the pony universe and for me to put my mark on the Daleks!

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This is Brilliant... just Brilliant 👍😁
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As a fan of both Doctor Who and My Little Pony, I absolutely love this!

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Reminds me of an awesome fanfic I used to read called The Traveler
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is it ok if I use this design?
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Fucking hell!
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Can I use your drawing for reference?

I will credit you.
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It looks like a fancy chesspiece.
Someone needs to make a source model of this
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Someone did make a 3d model actually...not 100% exact but he did do a good try.
Is there a link?
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Now that's just silly.
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Says a guy who is into Bionicle. (Yes I did look at your profile to see that)
Andrewnuva199's avatar
Are you saying BIONICLE is silly?
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If you say my stuff is silly then I call your stuff silly too. So yes.
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this is such an awesome drawing!! Daleks are my favorite villains! Dalek on a Mission 
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Now this is art. No, really; that kind of Dalek is something I would expect from a Ponified Whoniverse.

This gets my full approval.
(Have to mention, it is quite rare for something to get my full approval and recieve a comment stating the fact. Just thought you oughta know.)

I feel inspired already!
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Well, making Daleks look like ponies in shape and form kind of takes away from the whole point of a Dalek. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this piece of art! However, a Ponified Whoniverse would have to keep the classic Dalek design if it wanted to keep them as evil and menacing as they are in DW. Daleks are scary because they're completely alien; not a single anthropomorphic feature can be found. At all. And given them eyes, ears, etc... it makes them more sympathetic. And sympathy is something Daleks are completely against. XD
EarlAnnex's avatar
*grins* If you want to get technical, ponies have no anthropomorphic features either.
IJoinedCozIcan's avatar
That is the wrongest statement EVER. I'm sure you're an incredibly knowledgeable person, but that last statement was simply wrongsville. Wrongton, Wrongington state, on the planet wrong. In the incorrect system. XD
Sorry, I ain't being mean XD, but ponies are HIGHLY anthropomorphic. The facial expressions, eyes, mouth, speech. They might as well be human.
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Autistic sense of humor, mate. *grins wider* Since ponies are equine in nature, the ponified Daleks are not anthropomorphic; they're hippomorphic.
And yes, my previous comment was a build-up to that joke. 

You do realize I was talking about Daleks the whole time?
[Statement: The above sentence was in no way, shape or form an 'I meant to say it'. /Statement]
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