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October 11, 2008
Dream Orchid by *Sakuyamon is totally gorgeous! The overall color scheme works so well for what is being portrayed and the way that the gown flows is lovely. The characters face is so sublime and peaceful and fits the whole dream theme very well.
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Dream Orchid


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dedicated to all the wonderfull people who love, support and help me! Especially those who has offered to help me regain the stolen gaia items...
Thank you all very much! You have no idea how much it means to me! Im so very greatfull!

This is a new chara of mine, I havent given her a name yet but she is what I believe a Dream Guardian/Dream keeper...perhaps a bit too elegant and beautiful for me but it feels right for her...
She is a shapeshifter and appears sometimes as different white creatures in my dreams...the dreamform I remember most was a white dragon...

she has a silver chain in her hair but unfortunantly you cant see it very well in this pic..-_-

The orchid she holds is a dream, so thats why there is an orb of light on it^^;
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How lovely! All those sparkles, its like a blanket of diamond dust ^^