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Changeling Pinkie Pie- Element of Gluttony

By Sakuyamon
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What happens when I get kicked out of a digimon tournament? I try to drown the sorrow with scary pics of ponies turned Changelings....*holds back tears like a boss*
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Wow, finally I have the source. Saw this in a video of a Russian livechat feed, couldn't get dA search to work properly and today someone kindly pointed me towards it.
Not only do I like theme crossovers like this, not only are the colors appealing, but I cannot help but see how the pinkieness in this has been ... maxed. :iconmaxplz: Dunno whether intended or not, but not important, haha. This is just so "yes".
I like to call her Empress Pinkamaxalis.
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the stupid watermark kinda ruins the picture
Sakuyamon's avatar
sorry but you have to live with it.
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Okay. This?

This is scary.
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I just love how much work you put in to this. Very nice work with pinkie and fluttershy my favorites so far
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Creepy, but I like.
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Reminds me of Gollum for some reason lol
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I thought pinkie pie changeling would be element of insanity...
Sakuyamon's avatar
Pinkie isnt insane. Also, insanity is a sickness not a character trait.
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She was when she gone Pinkamena :p
Midnight-the-girl's avatar

 true, true... I think the 'cupcakes' story messed up the way I thought about her....

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Oh god, the poop has hit the fan!
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Isn't Gluttony 1 of the 7 deadly sins... oh wait it is and here are the others:

kacript's avatar
And here I thought Pinkiepie in party of one got creepy whoa.
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elements of sin
zillafire101's avatar
Don't need to sleep tonight anyway.
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that's right *pat pat* you hold those tears back like a boss, little one
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well, ether she just thought of a good joke, or I'm dinner. I'll start running.
(really cool)
Um, I'm very sorry to bother you but is there any way I could be allowed to use this as cover-art for a story I'm goig to submit on FIMfiction? It's okay if you say no. If you are worrying about credit, I will totally credit you. I only have the first chapter written, but I can give you a general plot overview if you want.
(also, you need to know I love your username. Sakuyamon was one of my favorites.)
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Pinkie: Are you a member of the resistance?

Spike: No.

Rarity: We are just trying to go home.

Sparx: Yeah and no offense intended, but this place is sort of a dump.

Pinkie: A sly tounge coming from a small bug. *Sparx KO's Pinkie*

Spike: Did you really have to do that?

Sparx: What? She insulted me! She got what she deserved.

Rarity: We should go before her friends show up.
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I'm pretty sure Pinkie already feeds off of love.
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