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Greetings, good ladies and gentles. 'Tis most splendid to find ye hither! Thou hast asked of me a lineart tutorial and hither I deliver! Dost ye wish to lineart same as I? Dost ye yearn to clean thy work? If thou said ay! Let us not lose any time!

Next Tutorial: Line weight Tutorial
Finished lineart: Weekly 29 - Beauty

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Plaxy-arbor's avatar
Thanks for this tutorial.
echojk's avatar
Awesome tutorial!
Mirage-Epoque's avatar
Thank you for creating this tutorial! :D
This will help me a lot!
Sakuriik's avatar
I´am glad it helps :)
Fherot's avatar
Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing.
Sakuriik's avatar
You´re welcome. :)
Just-Leila's avatar
Sakuriik's avatar
You´re welcome. :)
DashaSilkova's avatar
Great tutorial! I've always been unsure about the photoshop smoothing setting, is there any way to adjust it?
I use Sketchbook pro for lineart and it has a smoothing sensitivity scale, so it's super lovely to get those lines the way you want them.

Lovely work and I will look out for other tutorials as well!
Sakuriik's avatar
 Thank you and as far as I know there is just a smoothing box to check in brush settings, but I am not really a Photoshop guru. :D
SoulTribute13's avatar
I'll stick to SAI and MangaStudio for lineart XD
Sakuriik's avatar
I dont know anything about those two softwares :D but whatever works for you, maybe you can still use some of my advices. :)
SoulTribute13's avatar
You should try them someday. They have stroke stabilization, which Photoshop don't have. :D
Gothic-Phantom-Zero's avatar
Awesome D8!!! And you art!!! So amazing!!!
Sakuriik's avatar
Oh, stop it I am gonna blush :D
Gothic-Phantom-Zero's avatar
*nods* Oh but it is!!! Thus why I must watch you 8D!!!
BerkovNikov's avatar
Thanks it's great :)
SquireGlitch-Ra's avatar
Thank you for the useful insights! Doing lineart well is a difficult task, but you have simplified the process rather nicely.
Sakuriik's avatar
Thank you :) Its only difficult at first, trust me I have been there.
Xandar86's avatar
I really like this tutorial. This is really really helpful. Thank you :)
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Tablis's avatar
This tutorial just make me feel more comfortable with photoshop (I use only Paint tool SAI), and I'll start to practise right away. :D

Your contribution is enlightening! Thank you! 
Sakuriik's avatar
Well Photoshop might seem intimidating at first, but it is worth it once you understand its basics. :)
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