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KH OC- Luna

Video game

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Legend of korra and avatar

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Corpse Party Wallpaper

Corpse party

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MMD  Reiji and Ayato in 'Killer Lady'

Diabolik lovers

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Whiskey and Wine - Eustass Kid x Reader

Slowly making your way downstairs, the clicking of your heels melted into the soft jazz filling the underground bar. Looking forward to this moment for the past counted days, you couldn’t be seated soon enough.   One glass of sweet wine, poured fully to the top, just enough to calm enlivened nerves. Swaying softly to the rhythm while indulging in a longer sip, you could almost get lost in the moment. An innocent indulgence of good music and drinks, all gave way to the night. Focused upon their own pleasure, it was simple to catch the one deviating.   His fiery eyes stared deeply unbeknownst to the word of shame. Locked tightly from acr

One piece

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Black Star

Soul eater

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Sailor Moon [Crystal]

Sailor moon

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character change :P

Shugo chara

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Choko Butterfly child Messy


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Kamui Gakupo - Color 2

bands vocaliods

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Power. Kazama x Reader

         The last couple of weeks had been odd to say the least. Not only had Kazama been treating you completely differently than he had before, but everyone else that spoke to you had been as well. You had a sneaking suspicion as to why this was, but no one had bothered confirming these suspicions yet. The only thing you knew for sure was that Kazama had some use for you, and whatever that use was, had something to due with the fact that you had Oni blood running through your veins. While you did prefer the way Kazama was treating you now to how he once had, you now had no chores or tasks to keep you busy. This meant that the days you spent


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Fairy Tail - Levy and Lucy

crossover etc

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Glasses | Saruhiko Fushimi x Reader

    The rays of sunlight that slipped past your closed curtains fell upon your motionless body and woke you from your slumber. Releasing a big yawn, you lazily rolled to your side and looked at the black-haired man sleeping beside you. His arm was thrown over his face, blocking his eyes and muffling his breathing.    You began to lean closer to him to place a kiss on his cheek but stopped, not wanting to disturb him. As of late, the Blue King has been working Fushimi non-stop. On some days, he was lucky enough to get just a couple hours of sleep under his belt. Despite this, he never complained. He’d trek around the whole world for th

project k

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brass  racket


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Prince of Tennis

Prince of tennis

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Lery: The Scarecrow

Halloween costume ideas

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Gurren Lagann: Simon, Kamina, Yoko

Gurren Laggann

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For theinternalshadow - Miles Edgeworth

Ace Attorney

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His Empress (Hiei x reader)

"And with that this mission is very dangerous, but we need to get back this Pearl of souls. With the enemy can take over the spirit world and human world." "Yeah, yeah we heard you the first time." Yusuke says as flicks his ear wax in a random spot in Koemma's office, causing the baby to kick him in the face. "We should leave as possible there's no telling how far the thieves have gone." Kurama says as he watches Koenma and Yusuke fight as usual, Botan separates the two fighting boys. "Alright enough, time is of the essence so get moving Yusuke." "I'm on it like usual. Come on Kuwabara maybe we'll see Yukina on the way." Yusuke says ca

Yu yu hakusho

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Seto Kaiba's Back


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Fairy Tail 332 Fire Bird


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Levy's Peace and Quiet

Fairy Tail

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Amnesia - So glad to see you


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Rogue x Minerva - Pirates

Favorite movies

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Ritsuka And Rem-Dance with Devils

Dance with Devils

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Watashi ga Motete Dosunda(Kiss Him, Not Me!) -43

Kiss him not me

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Sugar and Spice (Yuri Plisetsky x Reader)

How was it possible, for two people who were such polar opposites, to be so deeply in love? Viktor watched in tender amusement as (y/n) fussed over Yurio, the tough "Ice Tiger of Russia" surprisingly submissive where he sat on a bench, his leg propped up next to him. An unusual frown adorned (y/n)'s usually cheerful face. Yurio had attempted a particularly difficult jump during practice that day, and had painfully wrenched his ankle as a result. While it was a minor injury and would only cost him a few days of training, (y/n) was worried all the same. As Viktor watched, (y/n) handed Yurio an ice pack, her lips moving in some sort of reprim

Yuri on Ice

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WWE Extreme Rules 2014 - 6 Man Tag Team Match


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X-Men Evolution: Lancitty


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Samurai Champloo

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Nalu And Bakuraka

OTP's my Pairings

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Savior | Karma Akabane x Reader

    “I saw your latest test scores, (Y/N). They were pitiful, I doubt you even tried,” one of the A-class students said, appearing out of nowhere.    You froze as he slammed his hands into the wall next to where your head was, leaving you trapped. He was far from looking pleased with you and you couldn’t blame him. He was right, your test scores were pitiful and no matter how hard you tried, nothing helped your grades. Not even getting assigned this A-class student as your tutor.    “I-I’m sorry. I really tried,” you stuttered in response.    “That’s not good enough! It’s bad enough

Assassination classroom

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Ouran HS Host Club Chibi

Ouran High School Host Club

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Dabi - Request

MY hero Academia

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HxH Machi and Chrollo

hxh hunter x hunter

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