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12 years... Since then...

The wind blew furiously and a young boy stood there. In the middle of a garden. Sakura trees were neatly arranged around him. He was wearing a white-T with a black jacket, jeans and black converse. The wind blew passed him, making his dark locks fall onto his eyes.

He stared down at the tombstone. Looking at it closely. His gaze pure fixed on it.

Every year, on the 18th September.( I dont kw when is the real one.) He would come here, to visit them. At was their Anniversary after all.

The boy placed his fingers on the tombstone and traced it. He would do anything to see them again. To be together again. As a family.

Today, he will let tears will fall on his prefect features. People always he got his features from his mother and coldness from his father. But, his brother got both his features and attitude from his father.

He looked at the Sakura blossom he placed on each of the tombstone. He was about to pay some respect to them when something happend.

The boy turned around as he heard a twig snapped.

He saw a girl with shoulder length pink hair, smiling sheepishly at him. The girl was wearing a pink T-shirt with black words writing " Bite Me", white shorts and converse shoes.

" Oh, hey Sasuke." She said, as she walked towards him. Ignoring the fact that her feet hurts, because she hit a stone then stumbled back and snapped a twig.

" Sakura." Sasuke said as continued to look at the tombstone.

Sakura placed a small red tulip at the tombstone Sasuke was staring at. It was Sasuke's mother, Mikoto Uchiha. She was a very kind lady. She treats you like your her very own child very though you're not.

" You know Sasuke..." Sakura started.

She looked down, and a humble wind brushed pass them. Her hair blew into Sasuke's face and Seth took his hand and grab her hair out of his face. Even though the wind was soft, her hair still moved along. What kind of shampoo does she use? Sasuke thought.( I know this is lame.)

He looked at her, eyes questioning hers as she lifted her head up.

Onxy black eyes meets Emeral green eyes.

" You know what, it's nothing."

He just look at her and shakes his head. He took a few steps back and said, " I'll be going."

" S-Sasuke D-Dont.... I know I shouldn't have came here but... I wanted to see you and... I... I just wanted to tell you I'll be here if you ever need me..." Sakura said.

He turned and look at her.

" I don't need your pity." he said and continued walking.

This time he blew it. She tried to be nice to him. But he will never listen. She was always there, by the sidelines watching him.

" Sasuke! You don't understand do you? People care for you! I care for YOU!" She screamed at him.

This time he glared at her. Eyes so frightening that it sent a cold chill running up Sakura's back.

" I don't need them or you to care for me. I'm fine by myself. I've been FINE my whole life without them so what's the differents with you caring or not caring?!"

His words...It hurt her so hard... It was like a final  blow right at the heart.
Tears swelled up at her eyes, waiting to come down. But, no. She had a reputation to keep and she needed to get as far away from him as possible. Away from him and everyone she knows.
" F-fine! Whatever! Go ahead and do WHATEVER you want! I-I don't care!!!" Sakura screamed. Tears streaming down her face. And Sasuke... He just stood there, looking at her, like some dog who got kicked out of the house. Pitiful. His face held no expression, eyes so cold that was piercing thru her very soul.
Sasuke looked like he wanted to say something but stopped and just continues walking. Sakura's sad face just looked at Sasuke's shadow until it disappears. This was it. She's going home. Lock herself in her room and cry.
She ran to her house pushing everyone and everything in her way. She stared at the ground the whole time, only a trail of tears followed her. Once she reached there, she slammed the door and ran to her room.
Time passed slowly for her. She didn't eat. She didn't sleep. She didn't go out for days. Only she stayed in her house.
She looked at the clock beside her bed, 10.47 p.m. She let out a sigh. She was sorry. Sorry for ever shouting at him like that. But it's too late now. He won't ever talk to her again. She shakes her head. I should go take something to drink. I'm going to be here anyway.
Sakura went down to the kitchen in her PJs, taking a glass of milk. When she was just about to go back up she remembered someone knocked on the door earlier this morning. She placed the glass of milk on the nearest table she could find and went to the door.
She opened the door and found a single red rose on the floor next to a neatly folded black piece of paper. She picked it up and opened it.

I'm sorry...I'm sorry for talking to you like that. I need tell you something but you know that I'm ever good with words so I'll just make this short. I... I know that you love me. But... I'm sorry I don't feel the same way for you.
Sakura stared at the piece of paper, at the same line. I don't feel the same way for you. Tears in her eyes. Sasuke doesn't love her. But she already knew but why the hurting inside? She smiled tough... A sad smile...
Even if I did, I don't deserve you. You're beautiful, fun, nice... Everything that I'm not. I'm very grateful to you for caring for me. You were there when I was down and I'd pushed you away every time. But I think it's because I'm scared. Heh, me scared. Funny isn't it? Anyway, I'm scared that I might love you back and then lose you. It hurts a lot, when something precious to you is gone.
I must be wasting your time by reading this note. Well, I'm sorry. But before I end this, I have one last thing to tell you. I'm leaving to London tonight. I don't know when or how am I going to come back here. So, don't get your hopes up, Sakura. This might be the last time you'll ever hear from me if it comes to this. I told everyone about this already; you're the last.
So, can you do at least do one favor for me? I know I'm asking a lot from you compare to what I did to you but... Please, I beg of you... Don't kill yourself or do anything reckless like you almost did last time. And last but not least, don't cry ,for me. Please. Don't be sad.
Thank You... For everything...
Yours sincerely,

She stared at the paper. He's leaving. The pain in her heart grew stronger and stronger. From pain it went to numb. Why? Why did it have to be now? She wanted to scream, scream her lungs out.
Tears quickly swelled up in her eyes. Tiny droplets falling from her face onto the small black piece of paper Sasuke gave. Tears kept falling as the rain started to pour down in front of her. Then it struck her.
Don't cry for me..
The soft voice in her head said, soft and velvet, just like Sasuke's. She tried to hold back her tears but it didn't turn out exactly what her hoped for but it was better than just now. Only a small tear drop escaped from her right eye.    
Just like on que, a plane flew pass her house. And Sakura felt as though someone was looking at her. Staring at her. She smiled as she held the rose next to her chest and looked up.
For you, I won't cry.
For you, I'll live my life the fullist. 'Cuz your my heart and everything I do, I hope you can feel it too. And when I'm happy I hope you're happy too.
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