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French Bedroom Stage DL for MMD

By SakuraSuzie
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PMX and DirectX versions.

This stage is a conversion from an obj model by himprod222…
The original source model is by ruslans 3d (thanks ButzYung)…
Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

The picture above is the PMX version loaded into MMD with no effects added.

I'm working on an fbx version and unity package so that this lovely model can be ported into VRChat. See scrap below:…

If you find any problems with the PMX file please let me know. No bugs have been identified so far.

Please post a link if you use this stage in any MMDs. I would love to see how it is used.

DL key for BowlRoll is: vangogh
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© 2018 - 2021 SakuraSuzie
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I honest to God thought this was a painting at first. Blew my mind when i saw it was a stage. Amazing work!

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Says the page is no longer available.
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Thank you for sharing. so lovely stage!

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is the link returning a does not exist error for anybody else?
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I love this stage,thank you!
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I adore this pic: not only is a superb composition, so evocating of peace and freshness but also has my all-time favorite van Gogh painting: Night cafe.
Dude, this is a cmodern classic, oyeah!!
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Van Gogh is one of my favorite artists. I actually did a colour pencil version of this. I like the little touches you added with his other painting hanging on the walls. Well done!
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I love that painting. It's great to see your rendering of it!
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if Van Gogh had a computer
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Love Van Gogh. Love this tribute. x
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The actual source of the model is here (the one by himprod222 is merely a copy).

Van gogh Room by ruslans3d:
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Thanks. I'll check its the original and update my source!
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Much better than the original crap
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Based off of Van Gogh, my favorite artist... Nice!! ^^
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I guess outside is a photo. Because realism is not what is intended in this work  -which is amazing- it looks a bit off.

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This is beautiful :heart:
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Wow! Vincent van Gogh will be so proud. His story is such a loss but total inspiration to the art world. He's one of only two of my favorite painters in the world, both my favorites have passed on already. I did Starry Night years ago in art class it was very hard I tell you. But your version of one of Vincent's paintings I can say it again wow!
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Sadly, I'm not the model maker. I just did the conversions so this lovely model can be used in MMDs.
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Don't worry about it, that you're not the model maker. Whatever you use to share with the world that is your point of view. If you add conversations to make something interesting that is good. You create what is inside of you. I'm also thinking about creating my own picture story but I don't have the time right now to draw the sketches or the conversations, maybe it's something in the future. But keep on doing what you do and somewhere someone will discover you and your talent might go big.
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Van Gogh's Room, he should be ressurected for see this masterpiece!
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This looks amazing! 
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"Bedroom" painting by Van Gogh turn into 3D :v
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