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Commission Info

Journal Entry: Sun May 29, 2016, 1:12 AM
Hey guys I'm opening up paypal and point commissions. I have a lot of free time since summer's coming up! They're fairly cheap and take anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple of hours. 

2.00 Dollars 
<da:thumb id="611156317"/> <da:thumb id="611204383"/>
Ask for clean lines or messy!

Half Bodies-3/4
4.oo dollars 
<da:thumb id="611786732"/>

Full bodies
6.oo dollars
Joni!! by Sakurashousewife
Character reference sheet 
10 dollars

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This example is really simple, as it's only one pose, and a 3/4 headshot. The Character ref sheet you're paying for includes 2 of everything listed above and another Full body.

Things I won't draw:
-Nudity (pretty much anything nsfw)
-Complex poses
-Anthros or animals in general (But I'll do humanoid versions) 

If you want to buy, could you fill this out, please? send me a note and donate the points, don't request it here plz!! 

Type of commission:
Preferred expression:
Total price:


Roleplay Group Almost Open!!

Journal Entry: Wed May 25, 2016, 3:03 PM
So now that off-Base is almost open, I really want people to join lol.  So can you guys go check it out?

Point and Paypal Commissions!!

Journal Entry: Wed May 25, 2016, 2:09 PM
Hey guys! I just have some time to kill since summer is coming up!! Plus I wanna keep my core membership going lol. My paypal is linked in my description on my page,

Busts: 200 points! Transparent/no background. (2 dollars)
Really simple! These usually take about 20 minutes to make and a best for profiles, the same way i have mine set up. 50 points per extra character, 3 max, depending on designs.
<da:thumb id="611165881"/>

Full Body
300 points/50 per character (3 dollars)
Joni!! by Sakurashousewife
There are two styles, Joni (Pink hair) and Hotaru (black hair)
The only difference is that Joni's lines are little messier. She's a better example of my drawing style.

Character Refrence/Rp App
500 points (5 dollars)

<da:thumb id="611175631"/>
I won't do:

I will Do:

Have A ref ready if it's an oc. If you don't have one, you can send me a collage and another character that looks like them. Pay upfront please!!

I can make them transparent as well!! If you want page dolls.

It's all really cheap, buy you know, I'm cheap too. Plus I only have 25 dollars atm. What do you guys think?? I'm definitely gonna buy at least 1 thing. Here they are, listed from cheapest to most expensive. They're all linked to the online store, so just click the image if you want something from there.




(It's the same one my oc wears)
I opened my group youngwitchacademy and now I'm a core member!!
Tres cool
Does anyone wanna start an rp group with me? It have to be humans/humanoids tho :p I've been trying to commit to Deviantart a bit more since all of my friends are starting to leave!! I really want something that's humanoid combined with something else. Maybe Candy or plants are getting popular lol. Actually? Sci Fi!!! Mixed w/ a dystopia!!