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Yay, VTM4!

I did this little, quick doodle after hearing the announcement at Gencon from Onyx Path.  Yay, Vampire the Masquerade 4th Edition!

Also, I secretly hope they don't kill off my favorite character (who happens to be pictured).  It's a silly fear, at the end of the day.

Done with Copic Sketch markers and Multi Liner pens.  I swear, I need a new scanner because this looks better in real life than on the computer...
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Bit of a news update on the subject...…

Personally, I share your fear (silly or not). White Wolf today is not the same company releasing awesome tee shirts and clan pins over a quarter of a century ago. Time has forced many changes on the company and the same is also true for our culture.  All it would take is some GLBT group trying to gain publicity for themselves by claiming Vykos "promotes negative stereotypes" or "marginalizes trans people" and that's the last we'd ever see of the character.

Or, worse, they'd re-write Vykos and re-draw it as... *shudder* I'd rather not imagine. Even though Tzimisce by nature love changing their appearance, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who especially likes Mark Jackson's very fetish-y version.  :heart:
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Heheh, yes it is!

(sorry about the delayed response! >.< )
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There are characters in VTM? I remember reading that anniversary edition book, but there weren't any characters, just some short stories and all the rules to play the game.
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In the older editions (and a few of the V20 supplements) there are a plethora of canon characters. If you are interested, look up the White Wolf wiki.
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