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tags from mu-kae and FkaTaylor , let's do this

Mu-Kae's questions:

1) Got a favourite movie or game soundtrack? If so, which one?
A: I really like some of the songs from the Nier:Automata ^^
2) What's your go-to snack?
A: extra cheesy goldfish :D
3) Who was your first fictional crush?
A: ahhhhh Roxas from KH2 ; < ; 
4) How long have you been on dA?
A: 3 years
5) Least favorite Pokemon?
A: Barbaracle and Seismitoad and really the most appealing looking-
6) Left or right handed?
A: right handed
7) Favourite Pokemon type?
A: Fairy type! :D
8) Your thoughts on ASMR?
A: sometimes it's interesting, sometimes it's not, I'm honestly in between I guess
9) Your first anime experience?
A: Hetalia
10) How well do you handle creepy stories?
A: pretty well? It just depends I guess
11) Got a favourite accent?
A: British is always nice
12) are you today?
A: good I guess, I dunno, but I'm doing alright 

FkaTaylor's questions:
1) Guity pleasure?
A: I'm not really sure if I have one to be honest ^^;
2) Kink(s)? You don't have to share if you don't wanna
A: ? I don't know if I have any
3) Who was your first fictional crush? (stealing from cappy)
A: Roxas from KH2
4) Weirdest dream you can think of?
A: I had a dream of being in a giant watch tower and talking to a guy in another watch tower via walkie talkie, his name was Dave.  
5) How non-str8 can you get ?
A: I'm more of a yuri girl then a yaoi girl (but appreciate both equally) and have purchased yuri manga before (it was pure I swear) soooooo-
6) Oof?
A: Oof
7) Thoughts on Trump? (god this is gonna be hella fucking good)
A: sorry, I don't like politics 
8) One thing you do every time you come home?
A: check for snacks
9) Something you like but know other people think is dumb?
A: Kizuna Ai, my friends think she's annoying, but listen she's pretty great okay-
10) What kind of story genre are you?
A: Interesting question, maybe a cute slice of life? ^^; I dunno, what do you think?
11) Are you okay with tasteful NSFW?
A: yeah it's chill with me
12) Would you allow me to cry on your shoulder after a long day?
A: my arms are open and willing Sign Emoji-03 (Thumbs up) 

I'm not tagging again, I already did that in the first one, you can do those questions if you want ; < ; 


SakuraRoseLily's Profile Picture
United States
Hi there! I'm just your average Kisekae user, and a simple girl who loves cute things!
I specialize in making cute characters and sometimes complicated stories!

I may not be very interesting, or good at communicating, but I hope we can all get along!


Miira no Kaikata's manga is so much more darker then the manga portrays it to be-? Like holy crud what in the world- I was blinded by the cuteness-
the race track nearby is extremely loud today... Llama Emoji-45 (Smug) [V2] how bothersome...
I'm really tempted to do another "Let's Find Love For [inster OC here]" but I'm not sure which OC to choose this time thinking emoji smooshed 4 
okay so the more I work on IMG, the more I realize how extremely sad one of the endings is XD
you guy's are in for a trip when I start working on that, ooh boy, it'll be a doozy for everybody-
I'm making some cute props that I'm sure a lot of you pkmn fans will love! So look forward to that when they come out Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Double kawaii wink) V6 



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