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Old Cirque Du Nie Advertisment

By Sakurarmarie
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The Cirque is long gone by now, the old preformers and staff are gone but there legacy still remains in the attics of people whose great great grandparents  and their great grandparets went to the mystrious cirque with the unusual freaks.

This curious old advertisment was found in a dusty old attic. The writing on it's back is now faded and barely legiable and it has been folded small enough to fit in a pocket of someone who proably carried it around with them. It shows it's age with all the dirt and grime but one can imagine it's former glory

... Well THIS evolved way more than I originally intended THAT's FOR sure, Originally it was a doodle of Daniella based on this cosplayer:  [link]
and then I decided to take it a step further and make it into aflyer the cirque might use to promote the show and then I started adding more and more age to it till I got all this XD. I decided to use Daniella's " sin tea party wig" but restyle it, Here is the "Sin Tea PArty original look" [link] . I also used her "Angry Eyes" to bring in some of the red of her rose a bit more XD

Now all the stocks, textures and brushes i used

Pose:  [link] and for the hand position , me since i did the pose and copied it XD
font: Coffee Tin [link]
Paper Textures:  [link]; ~MGB-Stock and  [link] ; ~SPikEtheSWeDe
Brushes:  [link] ~lailomeiel
Feather: [link] ~LunaNYXstock

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Awe brings such memories even though I didn't do much. Such a shame the group isn't active at all, I really did like my character design and the other fun characters around
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same with me , I miss it a lot too

I had the urge to draw Daniella so i thought why not draw her again
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I was hopping that the group does an event to kick start it again or something ;w;

Ja, Daniella is a pretty character who is really nice. She has a rear design being a ball point doll
Sakurarmarie's avatar
I hope so too! I also hope they credit all my pics since october with the proper amount of eyes so i can finally get the things i want. I think by now i M"UST of earned them!

a rear?

But I ma glad you think she is pretty~ I worked hard on her~
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They should credit for your hard work ;w; YAY stuff to buy with eyes!! *shot*

I mean nice.. Auto correct you dumb :U

Oh she is!!~ awesome character!
Sakurarmarie's avatar

LOL i was wondering! i was =just rereading it all "rear??"
Aes-Si's avatar
Auto correct, whut you talking about!? Talking about Daniel's fine ass rear? *shot*
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Looks like it! XD
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The group died? Aww :(. I hope Daniella stays around!

It looks nice, anyway.
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Well it's kinda inactive atm but i did this poster kinda like many MANY generations in the future of the events of the groups plot...
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Ah. Still, it's a creepy old poster of a kinda' creepy place.
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One day the stage will lit up again :iconheplz:
Sakurarmarie's avatar
hahahaha <3

I hope so!

I miss the group!
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