Getting into Shape. All for Cosplay.

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I have never being much of a sporty type being perfectly content to spend my day with my slovenly & sedentary habits (ANGHELLLLLLLL!!! a llama if you know what I'm talking about >D). But all for the interests of cosplaying the adorable little thing that is on my theme and her "doll-like" proportions, one of my goals for the year is to get in shape.

And yes I know my legs look fat in pretty much all my pictures but screw my genetics because I have a tendency to put on weight on my lower body area than on my top /stares at chest which is lacking/. Not that I'm complaining, makes it a world easier to bind >8D.

Anyways. Yes. Cosplay + Exercise = A good thing.

It's a good thing that it helps with my energy & endorphin levels too. I don't feel so crazy anymore.

Which brings me to my current situation where I'm sitting here on the floor which is littered with cut wig hair because I lack a vacuum cleaner (hurhur have I ever said how much I prefer wood floors over carpets? Well there said it.) smelling like a bed of roses *sarcasm* and my body sticky with drying sweat. HAHAHA TMI? Shot too bad >D.

Going to the gym is surprisingly engrossing. From the outside it can look really intimidating & boring, heck it took me 2 years before I actually signed up. But once you get there it's just you and the meter you're focusing on. Be it your speed, your distance or your time. Sure music helps too (*^_^*). Everyone is just focused on their own thing. Gyms are surprisingly not that self-conscious either.

So yes I encourage each and everyone of you to join the gym. I major in chemistry which means I have had to do papers in nutrition & health as electives. I know the benefits of exercise on the body. As long as you don't push yourself too hard~ <3

If your gym provides fitness trainer consultations too, even better. When paired with the right trainer it's actually very encouraging.

Also today I feel like I ran through & broke a brick wall during my cardio run on a treadmill. Ready, Steady, Go by L'arc en Ciel is such an awesome song to exercise to when you want to push yourself to go faster & harder >3.

So yes that is my rant & rave about gyms & exercise. Whew.

Also to everyone entering the Wellington Armageddon 2012 Cosplay Competition, how are your cosplays coming around? >D It's less than a month away.

Can't wait to see everyone again <3

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Whooo go Alena! I've been hitting the gym too, partly for cosplay as well :D
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/hi-fives/ the burn feels so bad it's good >D
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yeah it does! I need to make a work out play list