Auckland Armageddon 2012

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Hello wonderful wide web DeviantArt I hardly ever update.

We are in that season again. Auckland Armageddon. Labour Weekend. Trans-Tasman Cup. Woo.

Things I'm excited for:

Seeing all them gorgeous people again <3 I saw them roughly a month ago because Overload. Date change. But can never get enough of them.
Halloween party. Higurashi cosplay. Blood. LOTS OF IT 8D
Friends from Oz coming over 8D


Oh and cosplays.

Friday: Closet!Nanami Haruka (ball style?)
Saturday: Masakaki ([C])
Sunday: Hagiwara Yukiho (Idolmster: Forever Star ver.)
Octaboo: Hojo Satoko (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Manga ver.)
Monday: Kagura (Gintama: Yoshiwara ver.)

I have no time this year and lack the motivation to make more cosplays this year. SO YAY GO TAOBAO.

I don't know what else to write. So I'll just die under this pile of paper.
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whoo looking forward to seeing you! Again! xD