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1. He has these unnoticeable, minuscule freckles on his cheeks from being out in the sun all his life

2. All Links are good singers (since their VAs are shown to be very talented), but TP Link is the best out of all of them. He likes to quietly sing to himself when he knows no one is around to hear him

3. Epona was given to him as a birthday present from the parents he was too young to remember before they died

4. Becomes incredibly eager anytime he gets to play with Malo and Talo’s dog, or Sera’s cat, Link

5. (Someone else mentioned this HC way before I did and I completely support it so I’m giving them full credit for it ^^) After Link’s very first wolf transformation, his canines in human form became a lot sharper

6. There is the faintest trace of him having a country accent. With the teensy moments where he speaks, he’ll do his best to prevent it from showing

7. Anytime Ilia is upset, no words are spoken; he will just wrap his arms around her and hold her and until she calms down

8. Some citizens of Castle Town were a tad bit intimidated by his appearance at first but they now know how much of a sweet and fluffy farm boy he is

9. When in Castle Town, he’ll stop for a short break by playing fetch with the dogs on the streets

10. Had shed some quick, small tears off-screen after watching Midna leave for good, doing his best to hide them from Zelda

11. After he leaves Ordon Village at the end of the game, he is appointed a special place as the head of the Hyrulean Army by Zelda

12. He is gone for a few months, and when he finally returns to Ordon, the first thing he does is find Ilia and take her on a small trip around Hyrule. Since he is being too shy to admit he loves her, Ilia is able to figure it out and the two become a couple
And now here's TP Link :D (Big Grin) 

Breath of The Wild…
Ocarina of Time…
Skyward Sword…
DrBadassPhD Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
My precious farm boy... On board with with 1-11, but I'm afraid I can't do 12 because he's mine. ;P Instead- now here's a crack ship- I totally ship Ilia and Zelda. I have a whole story about those two in my head that I just haven't gotten around to writing down. So either way, at least all my children end up happy.
SakuraLover3232 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol, I totally agree with you. I like shipping Link with different girls in-game, the girls I think would best fit with him, but sometimes I also wish I could have him for myself too, he's so cute. Ilia and Zelda? I've never seen that ship before, and yet I already like it. I barely see and girl on girl ships in this fandom!
Y'know I'd totally read that story once you have it ;) (Wink) 
DrBadassPhD Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
It’ll be in the Crack AU right next to Cloud’s diary ;P
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