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1. Since he feels alienated from the children of Kokiri Forest up to adulthood, he rarely ever goes back to his treehouse to sleep. He’ll go to Lon Lon Ranch where Malon takes care of his needs (food, a place to sleep, a place to clean himself up, etc.)

2. Despite what most of the fandom thinks, Link really loves the fact that Navi is there with him and pointing him in the right direction all the time, which really justifies the whole intro in MM where he spends his time looking for her.

3. His grave is the one buried at the tree in the Hyrule Castle graveyard in Twilight Princess

4. Mido is secretly intensely jealous by Link’s cute looks and his kind/generous personality

5. At some point on his journey, during any part we don’t see in-game, he’s stopped to have himself a good cry for all he’s gone through by far. Thankfully, Navi was there to comfort him

6. He does a lot of childish things in his adult form since he’s still a little boy mentally

7. He’ll play his ocarina for any time he has a chance to rest while on his adventure

8. Whenever the other Kokiri kids (more specifically Mido) upset him, Saria takes Link to one of her favorite spots outside the Village and plays slow, sweet music to relax him

9. Considering the intense trauma this poor boy goes through in two games, I wouldn’t be surprised if he suffered from a bit of PTSD or any other stress/anxiety disorder

10. He continued to watch Twilight Link even after he passed on from his Hero’s Shade form

11. Was high-key disappointed when he realized that he and Zelda couldn’t be together, but Malon was able to fix his broken heart tho <3
I'm making a list of my personal headcanons for the four realistic Links, and naturally I started with OOT Squadala-- 
I wonder if any of y'all might like any of these Meow :3 

Skyward Sword…
Twilight Princess…
Breath of the Wild…
Campanita42 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2017
Your headcanons are pretty similar to mine. Yes, at last someone who notes that while he has the body of an adult, Link is still a child mentally. And yes, Navi is not as annonying as everybody says!
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