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1. Since he was little, his obsession with eating food had made him gain a little more weight than anticipated. But when he saw how well in shape his father was while being a knight, it further pushed him to follow in his father’s footsteps. It explains how his face is a little rounder than the other Links

2. Secretly loves jokes and puns, but barely finds anyone he’s comfortable to be around enough to tell them to (he’d later do so to Zelda after saving her since the two are together again)

3. Out of all Links, he is the trolliest one

4. Even when all Links enjoy them, this Link loves getting massages the most

5. He’s been mistaken for a lady even when not dressed up in his normal attire

6. After recovering all his memories, anytime the boy comes across a Silent Princess, he’ll photograph it in memory of Zelda

7. He’s very tender-headed. Some days while resting from traveling around Hyrule, Zelda likes to brush her fingers through his hair, which puts him out like a light since it feels relaxing to him

8. He is grateful for all the hospitality he gets in the different Inns around Hyrule, but his favorite is the handmade bed the Koroks made for him

9. Despite getting assistance from the deceased champions and minor pointers from Zelda while on his journey, he couldn’t feel any more alone than he currently does

10. Doesn’t like letting his hair down a lot since it constantly blows in his face every chance it gets

11.After paying his deepest respects to Mipha and keeping a reserved space for her in his heart, he finally has the courage to go through with being with Zelda sometime after the game ends
Finally we have our newest Link here!:happybounce: 

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