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.:Dexter and Clementine:.

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You'll probably be able to tell who these are off without much trouble, but in case you can't, Dexter is Larry's kid and Clementine is Roy's.
Also, before we talk about them, let's have a little talk about my characterization of the original 7 koopalngs.

Larry's a bit of a pimp who tends to go for the nicer, but not oh-so-pure-and-holy, girls, And yes, he's straight. He has a few girlfriends but never marries, and his main one is a girl called Anai who originated from a relatively well-off family in Sarasaland. That's who Dexter's off. Secondly, Roy; possibly the biggest and yet most logical change. I don't depict him as a bully, unlike basically everyone else in the Mario fandom, but as a more sensitive and quiet individual, more like is namesake. He doesn't abuse others, but is mildly aggressive towards them due to his lack of comfort in self-expression. However, he opens-up more to Ludwig because he's been through too much to judge superficially and probably wouldn't give that much of a shiz if he publicly shoved hedgehogs up his ass on the weekends. He doesn't, but it's a relevant expression. He likes more sensitive things, especially poetry, which he took-up a hobby of writing in his tweens. And by that, I don't mean the animation term. He later goes-on to marry one of Bowser's species, which is a guy called Mon. He had Clement through a process of changing one of is stem cells into a female one with synthetic genetic sequencing and then turning said cell into an egg cell. Then there's Wendy; she's mostly just her normal portrayal but calmer. She's bi and has quite a few partners, both male and female ones. Coco came from a guy called Krue but a girl called Naomi acts as her other parent more than him. Iggy is initially completely unstable, but eventually receives a medication that works for his problem, alongside Ludwig, who shares the same problem but had been talking a partly ineffective pill for quite some time, due to Roy's work in the field of psychiatric medicine. He then turns into an immature, but not peevish, individual with a fringe. That's bangs, for you Americans. Morton is an awkward book-worm-y type, and has a somewhat similar personality to Ludwig's outward portrayal, aka cutesy but not in the bitchy way. He's less of a perv than Lud, though. He marries a guy called Ei, again of Bowser's species. He has Pepper through the same method as Roy. How she turns-out as such a bitch, we may never know. Lemmy is a tired-seeming individual who tries to pretend he's content but is obviously depressed, as is skills in lying aren't exactly the best. He eventually starts taking a medication that works for him and becomes a level-headed individual with a content and cheery aura around him. And finally, Lud. He forcibly made himself into the best person he could because he was paranoid about hurting others and is far, far too selfless for his own good. The medication he takes before Roy's stuff stops any violent manifestations or hallucinations caused by his issue, but doesn't remove any emotions caused by it, meaning he's left in a helpless state of stress and misery. However, he does a very good job of hiding it from Mario due to the fact that he doesn't want to worry him. Eventually, Rosalina, who becomes his best friend, tells Mario about his issue because she knows full-well that he'd otherwise go-on torturing himself with the situation forever and that he needs support off his husband, since he still has nightmares of him leaving him for Peach (an issue arisen by the years of press insisting on them becoming a couple). As such, Mario is able to support Ludwig and, as such, reduces the nightmares and general paranoia. His medication is then reduced to an extent where it doesn't completely tranquilize him, meaning that he doesn't hurt himself or others but can still feel more energetic and alive. This goes-on for a few years until Roy creates the perfect treatment, which completely suppresses any symptoms of the problem without hindering normal functions. Lud then goes-on to be a more happy and energetic individual. 

Now for these two in the pic!
Dexter is just like his father only a bit more immature. he's bi and I haven't decided on a partner for him yet. He's on good terms with Kiki, neutral terms with Galaco, Makoto and Coco and bad terms with Pepper, Clement and Tomasso. Clement is a calm individual with quite a similarity to Kiki. She's laid-back and doesn't worry about much. She's 'friends with benefits' with Kiki, whom she's on good terms with, and is also on good terms with Galaco, Coco and Makoto, neutral terms with Tomasso and bad terms with Dexter and Pepper.

Dexter and Clement belong to me, as does the art; neither of which you may use without crediting me.
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