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Zune mod final

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Alright, I just can't help but show off my final mod of Zune...

Why the mod? Well, I re-formatted recently and I was reminded that the original Visual Styles by Microsoft were actually pretty decent. Since I really can't stand the bright default XP themes, I downloaded Zune, another official MS theme. Zune in general is great. It's black and glossy with orange accents, but several elements are re-colors from Luna, and they really don't fit well.

It can be easily seen how Zune is a sibling to Vista. To my way of thinking, Zune is a Luna-ized version of the Vista Visual Style. Vista, as many people know by now, is highly polished and complete and has a distinctive look... glossy black with bright turquoise accents make up the bulk of the Vista visual experience. In general, I dislike a lot of the Vista clones for Windows XP (although some of them are done very well), because they don't fit in with the appereance that MS originally planned for Windows XP, especially with the caption buttons, and boarderless caption bar.

So far, the best original theme to meld Windows XP Luna style, with the gloss and high shine of Vista was the very successful Lune Element 5.1 Black. Still, I wanted to make my own version: a highly polished version of the Zune theme with "cleaned up" images, and incorporating elements from Vista.

While in the middle of this mod, I learned how to convert PNG images into the 32-bit alpha blended bitmaps that are new for Windows XP, and make up many of Vista's images. Using this method, I was able to bring many Vista elements into this mod and keep their authentic appearance (taskbar and trackbar buttons were the most important) without having to resort to extensive editing for "magic pink" transparencies.

NOTE: originally after completing this mod, I was going to change the bright turquoise controls to something a bit more soothing (probably a more subtle blue), but over several days of looking at them, I'm rather fond of the color.

NOTE 2: I will seriously consider releasing this. However, since I do not have access to original Vista images myself, I had to borrow them from another Visual Style. I would have to ask permission to release those, as well as a couple of other images.

NOT FOR RELEASE... for now.

(Oct 22, 2008)
UPDATE... please read this dA journal entry.

----- Original Zune Elements [edited by me] -----
base colors
window frames (darker w/sharp gloss)
caption buttons
taskbar background (darker w/sharp gloss)
taskbar tray (darker w/cleaner division line)
progress bar
slider track
start panel (main body made from scratch)
start button (made from scratch - Watercolor Emico win flag)
toolbar buttons (scratch)
places bar buttons (scratch)

----- Incorporated Vista Elements -----
combo box (element added)
combo button
listview header
radio buttons
scrollbar (all elements)
spin buttons
taskbar buttons
trackbar buttons
Image size
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awesome! where to download?!
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hey!! nice!!! that looks so nice!! may I have it? :D hehe... my friend has one like that too.... but not pollished well and its a vista transformation pack...
did you make this too?[link]
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So are you gonna release that or what
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I want it!
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hombre-czHobbyist Photographer
looks hot :p
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any news about release?
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i waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant it.
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Still nothing? Oh well, I will just keep waiting! Hope it gets released soon!
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What else did you use to compose your style? Do you use stylebuilder or what?
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Just ResEdit, Photoshop for image editing, and Notepad for the text files.
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I want this so bad. Any new news?
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Thanks for the interest. I sent a note to the maker of the VS that I borrowed Vista parts from, I haven't gotten a response yet.
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Oh man I would really love to have this.
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Awesome, cant wait for release :+fav:
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All I can say is that it reminds me of Vista.

And as a user of Vista, I can safety say that's a good thing if it's XP but a bad thing to actually use Vista.
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