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Nion Redux



This is a mod of the wonderful Nion theme, by =lassekongo83. He makes nice minimal Visual Styles, but I always end up modding them in some way. When he released this and I ended up modding it, I knew that people would be asking for me to share it if I posted a screenshot of my desktop.

Please keep in mind that I originally modded this to suit my own needs. Once I realized that I would probably end up releasing it, I tried my best to make all of the mods consistent throughout. It took me a few hours to do all of these changes, and the program I used can be found here: [link] .

Let me know if there are any bugs, and I will try my best to fix them.

(Permissions Included)

Update [Feb 21, 08]:
* Changed inactive captions to match to frame
* Changed taskbar buttons to look decent with multi-line taskbar
* Changed theme name (on request) to differentiate from the original
* Changed graphite highlight color to graphite, from teal
* Updated the vertical taskbar graphics
* Minor additional bug fixes

List of modifications [Nov 27, 07]:
* Additional dark grey color scheme
* Three fonts: Calibri, Tahoma, and Segoe UI
* Smooth borders and taskbar, insted of plastic
* Altered the taskband buttons to match
* Changed the captions buttons
* Fixed the "smallclose" caption button
* Made the scrollbar a bit easier to see
* Changes the start button (keeps with the author's preference, but matches the theme and remains minimal)

I have NO plans to add a compact start menu, DO NOT ASK!
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Whats the name for the folder in the "Black" style? (because if I named under black, the shellstyle I want to use, does not apply.)