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Batgirl Ponies



I think we all know that this was the inevitable result of my new found love of Ponies and my less new found love of Batgirls.

This was actually really, really fun to draw. Just the right kind of challenging. I liked drawing their individual Batgirl cutie marks a lot, but I also felt clever when i solved the utility belt problem by making them smaller saddle bags. Unfortunately the capes hide that a little. :D

Just for those unfamiliar with the Batgirls:

Barbara Gordon (currently Oracle, whose signature color is green) is lying down in the front, Cass Cain (current whereabouts unknown) directly behind Babs standing, Stephanie Brown (formerly Spoiler and Robin) rearing in the back.

I tried to do a background, but since I didn’t really think about doing one when I drew it, everything was looking forced and I liked it better on a white background. Also it’s almost 3 a.m. and I’ve decided I want to be finished with this. XD
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This is absolutely adorable! All three ponies are perfect representations of the three Batgirls and they're all cute in their own way, keep up the great work! ^^