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Wow, how long has it been, the last time I wrote DA journal. It looked like I'm always ranting about my university life even though I actually already graduated a long time now lol So, this is just a page to remove my rant from my page. Hahah. Also, I haven't been posting arts lately (now I am more focused in translating things -even though I'm not very confident of my work- but at least there are some people appreciating what I do) Even though most of the time I translate using my other aliases, when I look up for my DA handle name, turns out that... my translations are much more popular than my arts orz. why this And again, DA seemed t
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geez, lecturers

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Currently I'm in my last semester of college. When I'm done with my cruel angel's thesis, I'll be f*ckin' over with my life ヽ(' ∇' )ノ Well, though it's not easy. That's why I haven't been active drawing or stuffs for DA or pixiv. Actually now I'm hanging around in youtube for my virtual life. My people needs me there lolwut Anyway, I'm just ranting here. My lecturers told us to make 3 topics to choose from for final project. In the first week, my lecturers picked one topic. It was decided that I would make that topic for my final project. The next two weeks, my mentor told me things about the topic. In the fourth wee
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Hello everyone. Now I want to make a little review on G-Senjou no Maou. Oh, god, why. Why didn't I have this a little earlier. I must say that I am quite ashamed to play such brilliant visual novel just now. I was way too late. But still, it's still enjoyable no matter how late you are. Let's have a little information about this VN first. G-Senjou no Maou (lit. The Devil on G-String) is a visual novel by Akabeisoft2. G-Sen was pretty well received, if I must say, it's the best VN of 2008. The full translation patch was first released in 2010's Christmas day (Wheew, it's a great Christmas present, nice doing, TLWIKI) and guess what, I play
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Hi, I really like your art. :D
Thank you! Also thanks for watching :D
No problem! :D
Do you happen to take requests?
Sorry, but currently I'm kinda busy with myself so no. I'm a little interested though, thanks ;)
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Hi there, i really liked talking with you, and would like to keep doing so, unless you dont want to.

Gee, it was really nice talking to you too :3

Even though I won't be online much, but you can message me whenever you need someone to talk to :D
thanx for the fave ^^