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Naruto Uzumaki Background by sakuraforever1 Naruto Uzumaki Background :iconsakuraforever1:sakuraforever1 3 0 Promise We Wont Forget by sakuraforever1 Promise We Wont Forget :iconsakuraforever1:sakuraforever1 8 0
NaruSaku Presents: Memories 3
Chapter 3: Captured Moments
→As the story progresses, more and more memories are made, and the bond between these two children grows along with the path they take.
Naruto: Hey, hey Sakura…
Sakura: Yea
Naruto: Can I ask you something….
Sakura: Sure
Naruto: Ummmm…….well….
Sakura: What's wrong….
Naruto: Well……
Sakura: Yea (She says enthusiastically)…….
Naruto: Well…um…why do you have to put flowers in my hair??? (He says in a soft, sort of happy voice, as if to prevent from hurting Sakuras feelings)
Sakura: Well….You see…(a cute smile forms in her face as she stares at Narutos shiny blonde hair enveloped by colorful flowers, bringing out his bright blue eyes)…..i just wanted to see how cute you look with a flower tiara.
Naruto: *blushes* Ooh…well, I guess that's okay… (He says in an embarrassed soft tone)
Sakura: *smiles*
…*click* *Flash*…
Naruto: Hugh….what was that!!!!!!!!!
:iconsakuraforever1:sakuraforever1 7 27
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Vespei Top Ten Favorite Couples by Vespei
Mature content
Vespei Top Ten Favorite Couples :iconvespei:Vespei 12 55
Sakura Haruno by Marieuclid Sakura Haruno :iconmarieuclid:Marieuclid 5 0 Naruto Manga 662 by BarbiiHaruno Naruto Manga 662 :iconbarbiiharuno:BarbiiHaruno 5 1 NaruSaku manga 662 by BarbiiHaruno NaruSaku manga 662 :iconbarbiiharuno:BarbiiHaruno 8 2 Portada Fans club NaruSaku Foro Haruno Sakura by BarbiiHaruno Portada Fans club NaruSaku Foro Haruno Sakura :iconbarbiiharuno:BarbiiHaruno 16 5 Firma NaruSaku para Nashi3 by VioletFernandezS Firma NaruSaku para Nashi3 :iconvioletfernandezs:VioletFernandezS 5 0 NaruSaku inside the Train! Wall Poster by TKGhoul-NaruSaku NaruSaku inside the Train! Wall Poster :icontkghoul-narusaku:TKGhoul-NaruSaku 18 11 NaruSaku - The Real World and the Road to Ninja by TKGhoul-NaruSaku NaruSaku - The Real World and the Road to Ninja :icontkghoul-narusaku:TKGhoul-NaruSaku 81 36 Follow me, Sakura by DigiAnime Follow me, Sakura :icondigianime:DigiAnime 30 4 NaruSaku - YOU CAN'T DIE by TKGhoul-NaruSaku NaruSaku - YOU CAN'T DIE :icontkghoul-narusaku:TKGhoul-NaruSaku 72 5 Keep Calm and love NaruSaku by BarbiiHaruno Keep Calm and love NaruSaku :iconbarbiiharuno:BarbiiHaruno 19 2 C.P.R. by sashun08 C.P.R. :iconsashun08:sashun08 58 79 Narusaku 663 by zsuzy Narusaku 663 :iconzsuzy:zsuzy 16 3 Naruto and Sakura CPR by weissdrum Naruto and Sakura CPR :iconweissdrum:weissdrum 8 13 Naruto 660 - Biju Extraction by HikariNoGiri Naruto 660 - Biju Extraction :iconhikarinogiri:HikariNoGiri 181 52 Naruto 662 - The Real End by HikariNoGiri Naruto 662 - The Real End :iconhikarinogiri:HikariNoGiri 233 42


Chapter 1: When we met

►Now ill start you off with were it all began, the day when naruto and sakura first met.

A long time ago when naruto was still a little boy, he went through many hardships everyday. He had no parents to take care of him, and lived all alone, with no siblings, no friends, nothing. Every time he went outside people starred at him and said bad things about him. Of course naruto didn't know why everyone hated him so much and wondered what he did to deserve such a painful life,
then one day...............she came along.

Like any other day, naruto would head to a park, were he trained to become hokage and prove every one wrong. But that day was different........For some reason there were many people in the park were he trained alone every day, and as he tried to figure out the reason why, he noticed everyone surrounded him, saying things about him like always. All of the people starred at him with those horrible faces and those evil eyes, and all naruto did was stare at the ground, as if trying to hide the fact that he wanted to cry. After they all finished saying what they had to say, they began to leave one by one, until only a couple and their daughter were left.

The father and mother told their daughter, "Dont look at him sweetie, hes a monster!"
Naruto looked as they walked away and thought to himself, "So that's what they think i am, a monster," than he realize the couple stopped and heard a little voice say,"I'm gonna go play with the flowers, but ill be back home early OK!"

As naruto looked to where the sound was coming he noticed a figure heading towards him, then he realized he had seen that person before. It was the little girl with the couple that called him a monster. When Naruto realized this, he decided to kneel down and hide his face so the little girl wouldn't tell him anything. Then he felt a warm pat on his shoulder, as if it were telling him that it was OK to show his face, and naruto looked up. When he opened his eyes, he saw a pretty young girl with crystal green eyes, and shiny pink hair sitting down in front of him. Then she asked...

Sakura: "hey, are you OK"
Naruto: nods, surprised that the little pink haired girl talked to him even after her parents told her not to do so.

Sakura: "Why are you all alone?"
Naruto: he thought about if he should answer her and said, "i don't know."
Sakura: "where are your parents?"
Naruto: while shaking his head responds, "i don't have any."
Sakura: "aren't you lonely?"
Naruto: nods, realizing his eyes were getting teary, and hid his face
Sakura: "Do you want to cry?"
Naruto: surprised at what she had asked him, naruto turned to see her and realizing that the little girl was hugging him.
Sakura: "If you want to cry, cry, don't keep it inside or every day will be more painful, and whenever you want to let it all out, ill be right there for you."

Naruto didn't know how to react as he heard what the little girl told him. He wanted to do something, but didn't know what, and as the little girls arms were rapped around him, and her hair moved with the breeze, her sweet scent in the air, Naruto's eyes began to water, and without him even trying, he began to cry like he never did before. The little girl hugged him even tighter, letting him know that he wasn't alone anymore, and naruto leaned on her shoulder as he tried to stop crying. When he dried off his tears the little girl let go, looked him in the eyes and said..

Sakura: "oh, sorry for not introducing myself, my name is Sakura, and what is yours?"
Naruto: embarrassed he said, " name is.."
Sakura: "common don't be shy, whats your name," she said with a kind warm smile.
Naruto: "my name is Naruto"
Sakura: "well hello Naruto, i know we just met but can i ask you something?"
Naruto: surprised he answered, "Uhh...sure."
Sakura: "Do you want to be my friend?"
Naruto: not knowing what to say he responded, "you want me to be your friend?"
Sakura: nods as though if nothing could change her mind
Naruto: "sure?" he asks
Sakura: nods again, sure of herself
Naruto: "OK!" happy he had made a friend, and wouldn't be lonely anymore, naruto smiled for the first time.

And this is how it all began..........


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