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Can you feel the love? (Ani The Wight  E.J) by SakuraEgg Can you feel the love? (Ani The Wight E.J) :iconsakuraegg:SakuraEgg 3 0 The Phoenix  The Wight (Creepypasta) by SakuraEgg The Phoenix The Wight (Creepypasta) :iconsakuraegg:SakuraEgg 1 0 Susana Icon (lineless) by SakuraEgg Susana Icon (lineless) :iconsakuraegg:SakuraEgg 2 0 Elizabeth - Lizzie (Creepypasta / Slenderverse OC) by SakuraEgg Elizabeth - Lizzie (Creepypasta / Slenderverse OC) :iconsakuraegg:SakuraEgg 3 0 Heather Clementine Avery Ref by SakuraEgg Heather Clementine Avery Ref :iconsakuraegg:SakuraEgg 3 0 Al? (Creepypasta OC) by SakuraEgg Al? (Creepypasta OC) :iconsakuraegg:SakuraEgg 1 0 Fun in Winter Wonderland AKA Snow world by SakuraEgg Fun in Winter Wonderland AKA Snow world :iconsakuraegg:SakuraEgg 1 0 Winter SaKura Fox by SakuraEgg Winter SaKura Fox :iconsakuraegg:SakuraEgg 2 0 Louisa Baker (Professor Layton OC) by SakuraEgg Louisa Baker (Professor Layton OC) :iconsakuraegg:SakuraEgg 5 0 Happy Inktober ~ !!! by SakuraEgg Happy Inktober ~ !!! :iconsakuraegg:SakuraEgg 0 0 Happy Spooktacular Halloween!!! by SakuraEgg Happy Spooktacular Halloween!!! :iconsakuraegg:SakuraEgg 0 0 Happy Halloween Folks ~ !!!  by SakuraEgg Happy Halloween Folks ~ !!! :iconsakuraegg:SakuraEgg 1 2 Yumi and Miri (The Dummy's Dummy webcomic fanart) by SakuraEgg Yumi and Miri (The Dummy's Dummy webcomic fanart) :iconsakuraegg:SakuraEgg 2 0
The Untold Letters (The Prologue)
??? POV/Narrator
On the year 1932, after creating the monster he was aiming for,
The monster that would help him capture his previous creations,
A very obedient and polite monster that would obey his commands and follow his orders.
He quickly ordered the monster he created; a puppet he made to stop what he created, the puppet whom he named Paris quickly went off to work but then...
After five times of 'failure' at 'stopping' what he created, he finally told him that he mean't capturement and ofcourse Paris as obedient as he can be without any words obeyed...
While the puppet; the monster he call was away capturing his previous creations, the creator thought of creating more but this time he learned from his mistakes...
Things made to be broken, gets fixed
Things made to be remembered, forgotten
Things made to be evil, good....
He decided that the creations he would make this time are what he would call as 'experiments'...
He secretly made them but then the puppet; Paris eventually foun
:iconsakuraegg:SakuraEgg 1 0
The Untold Letters (The Intro)
??? POV
Do you want to hear a story? It's a promisingly great one I swear! It's a story that still being told till today, some say it's just an old story while some say it's made-up! But for me it's all true and will always will. Do you want to hear it? Well let's start then...
There was once a man, a very bright and brilliant young man who could build whatever his heart desired. There was nothing he could not build a toy, a pair of shoes, a mirror! He could build it whenever he feel like it or whenever he wants to! However everything he built and made was... Flawed....
Things made to comfort, kills
Things made to entertain, tortures
Things made to protect, destroys...
He did not know when did it happen nor when he last did... It was too late...
Everything he make does the opposite of what he built it to do or have in much more sinister and terrible ways.
But then what could he do? His creations had already spread througout the land causing chaos to erupt,
It took him some time to thin
:iconsakuraegg:SakuraEgg 1 0
The Dummy's Dummy OC : Charlotte Arieanna by SakuraEgg The Dummy's Dummy OC : Charlotte Arieanna :iconsakuraegg:SakuraEgg 2 0


[com ych] Lilvyn by purloid [com ych] Lilvyn :iconpurloid:purloid 52 4 Nikachu by DarkRapier Nikachu :icondarkrapier:DarkRapier 147 6 whitehair nekomimi girl pinup girl sell prints 3 by thaumazo whitehair nekomimi girl pinup girl sell prints 3 :iconthaumazo:thaumazo 99 1
You Have Me Dark Link X Reader
         You stood outside your home with a new kitten in your hands and a smile on your face. Link had refused to leave for well over a month now, stating that he had to protect his princess. While you didn't mind him being there, it was a steep adjustment to have someone else living with you. For some strange reason, you thought a kitten of all things might help release the stress you'd been feeling. “Now remember, when we get inside, you need to meow as much as possible. Be annoying too, he needs that.” Quietly opening your door,  you placed the little grey kitten on the floor and straightened out the hand made wings you'd designed for her. “Now go.”
As if she fully understood you, she wobbled over to your couch where Link was fast asleep and began pawing at the cushions. A few seconds of being ignored later, she began to mew over and over again. Link groaned, but didn't get up. “What's that sound?”
“I don't kno
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 406 44
Zelda: Skyward Sword On Facebook
Hell yeah, got the Wing Ceremony today.
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Zelda - I know you can win!
Link likes this.
Groose: Whatever, I'll totally win!
- Cawlin and Strich like this.
Link: Feck off Groose.
- Zelda likes this.
- Groose, Cawlin and Strich like this.
Groose: Ha! Good luck trying to win now!
- Cawlin and Strich like this.
Hey it's okay everyone I found my loftwing : D STUPID GROOSE!
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Zelda posted a photo with Link tagged in it.
Ceremony photo! Thanks Father!
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Link was tagged in a status.
On my way to steal Link's girl with a tornado >: D
- Demise likes this.
Link: WHAT
HELP ME I GOT STUCK IN A TORNADO AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE I AM. On the plus side the Surface had good 3G.
- Ghirahim likes this.
Link: Don't worry Zelda I'll save you!
Ghirahim: AS IF!
So I got a sword with some weird floaty girl...
:iconsweetiu:SweetiU 60 19
Group Chat (Skyward Sword X Reader)
HeroOfTime: Starting this group chat now!
Zeldagoddessgirl: I'm here everyone :)
(Your dA name here): I'm in.
HeroOfTime: Awesome ;)
GhiryIsFabulous: I am here my fabulous friends~ And sky child.
(Your dA name here): wait GhiryIsFabulous what kind of name is that
GhiryIsFabulous: It's only the best name in the world, and I have it~
Firehead-demon: Ghirahim stop it you're meant to be finding a way to resurrect me.
GhiryIsFabulous: Sorry Master
LilMissKnow-It-All: Master, my calculations show that if you continue this argument with the demon king Demise you will have a 100% chance of him ordering Ghirahim to sleep with you.
:iconsweetiu:SweetiU 152 57
Dinner Date (Insane!Dark Link X Reader X Link)
(This is probably gonna be creepy)
There was affection going on between you and his counterpart and he. Didn't. Like. It. Not one bit.
He was watching from his shadows, unseen, a look of disgust on his face.
His horrible copy of himself, Link, widely known as the Hero of Time,  was holding you in his arms, laughing at your jokes, and kissing every inch of your face.
He was disgusted. Not by you, but by him.
He wanted to be the one to kiss you senseless, to kiss every strand of your beautiful hair, to kiss every inch of your gorgeous face, he wanted to be holding you in his arms, he wanted to laugh at your jokes, he wanted you to love him.
Why did you have to pick goody two shoes 'Mr. I'm A Hero' over himself? He was the exact same Link, no, he was a better Link!
And he was going to prove that to you.
At last, you were finally alone. You had gone on a trip to Hyrule Castle Town, as you both lived in the castle courtesy of Zelda, and Link wasn't with you.
He was goi
:iconsweetiu:SweetiU 62 28
Take Me Skyward (Link x Reader) Ch. II

Chapter Two
"It's funny how you never realise how much you love a person until someone else gets them first."
There he was. He was standing right in front of you, gazing down at you with those annoyingly innocent blue eyes of his, arms folded across his chest as he waited for you to make a move.
You looked up slowly, (e/c) orbs trailing up his body until they came to settle upon his face. You instantly felt your brow crease and your eyes grow hard. 
Link seemed to notice your intense glare and shifted his weight from one foot to the other almost nervously. His arms lowered to his sides and he frowned, no doubt wondering why he was receiving such a harsh stare. You exhaled loudly and pushed yourself up and out of your chair.
"Alright." You snapped, making sure not to even look at the poor boy when you spoke. "Let's get this over with." 
You then began to walk to
:iconinfinite-nova:Infinite-Nova 418 281
Take Me Skyward (Link x Reader) Ch. I

Chapter One
"Love is measured not by how much by how much you say it. It's measured by how wrong you feel when you realize you didn't."
Ah, life. What a blessing it is. To wake up each morning, healthy and able. To take in fresh air and feel warm sunshine on your skin! To be greeted by friends and loved ones alike! To turn your eyes to the wide open blue sky and dream of your bright future!
Ah yes, life. What a blessing it is.
Or at least, what a blessing it would be if you weren't currently lost in a foreign, strange world with the one person that you despised more than anything else.
Needless to say, life for you couldn't be much worse.
But of course, life wasn't always out to get you. No, before all this, you had the perfect life. One that was humble, yet enchanting in its own way.
-- ~ -- 
Your name is (Name)
:iconinfinite-nova:Infinite-Nova 542 240
A Castle Dark Link x Reader
        The sun was high in the sky, making it impossible for you to dodge its hot rays, even when you were completely surrounded by tall, shady trees. It might not have been so bad if there was a breeze, but the wind had been completely still all morning. Being snuggled up behind Link on horseback didn't help the situation either. When all of these things were combined, they equaled a very grumpy, very whiny you. “Do you have any idea how long we've been on this horse? It's been at least two hours now. If we don't get where we're going pretty soon, I'm going to start walking back home.”
“Would you stop complaining already?” Link looked back at you with a displeased, but slightly amused look in his bright, red eyes. “Honestly, you've been grumbling since we set out. Just give me another ten minutes or so and we'll be there.”
“Fine, but I do have a right to complain. You didn't warn me that this little trip was going to take
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 264 22
A Horse, A Hero, and A Princess Dark Link X Reader
       As you sat on an old tree stump, whittling away at a small piece of wood, you spotted someone in the distance. Shielding your eyes from the bright sunlight, you attempted to get a closer look. The dark clothes, hair and skin made it more than a little bit obvious. You waited until he was directly in front of you to speak to him. “Hey there Dink, where are you headed? You're not off to spy on the princess again, are you?”
The sound of your pet name made him groan. You knew he wasn't fond of the name you'd given him, but you couldn't bring yourself to stop using it. “I really whish you would stop calling me that. I don't find it amusing. And no, I'm not going anywhere near the castle today.” He snorted. “Now excuse me, I need to be going.” In an attempt to end the conversation, Link began walking away from you.
He didn't get very far however. Before he was even three steps away, you'd stood up on the stump, and jumped onto hi
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 399 33
LoZ: Time Apart Reader x Link
You and Link had been getting along fabulously since beginning your dating relationship. With him living in Hyrule Town and you taking care of the shop, it was easy to see each other. In the afternoons he would sit with you when the marketplace was not busy and he would bring his favorite sweet buns as a snack for both of you. On this day the shop was very slow and not even Link showed up to keep you company. That morning you decided to wear your new cute dress for Link but he did not show. You sat at your usual place, bored until three rough looking guys came into your shop. You tried to keep a friendly face but the guys do not believe in using soap and water. Their smells violated your nose as they looked over your wares.
“Welcome, please let me know if you need help finding anything,” you tried to smile again but the smells prevented you.
“Hey, boss. This shop girl is kinda cute.” One of the men began to drool over your body as you watched him. These characte
:iconmomokitty27:momokitty27 175 36
Forevermore: Link X Reader X Dark Link P1
Hyrule, a beautiful land for the kind of heart and pure in spirit. The expansive fields, covered in stretches of hills and small lively towns, was ruled by the beautiful Princess Zelda, and her all-mighty father, the King.  It is here that dreams are turned into a reality, a true land of paradise and unbidden secrets.
As the years fly by, trouble begins to brew in a land hidden past the rocky terrain and valleys, known as the forbidden Gerudo Valley, a mountainous lair to those who are skilled in thievery, deception, and manipulation. It beholds the sight of Hyrule unridden with toils or pains, and greed overtakes all senses, bubbling and festering to the surface. Dark clouds circle overhead, and slowly consume the sunny skies of Hyrule.
Meanwhile, deep in the Kokiri forest, far into the Lost Woods, past the tall trees and overgrown shrubbery is where our story begins. In a meadow created for elven beings known as Kokiri, destined to live long lives as children forever, a singl
:iconxbunnybunz:XBunnybunz 466 97
Be Careful Fierce Deity Link X Reader
       A cool wind blew through the deep green leaves of the old tree you were resting in. As you watched Link test out different bows below you, you subconsciously swayed your bare feet back and forth, hoping he wouldn't take too much longer. “I already told you, you don't need to prove anything to me. I believe you. Besides, I don't really see how this is going to prove you're the real Link. I can shoot a bow and arrow, and that doesn't make me Link.”
Link's face was stern despite your near constant nagging. “Give me just a moment more, you'll see.”
“Fine, but you really should hurry.” You yawned and leaned against the thick tree trunk for support. “The sun is making me sleepy.”
After several long minutes, Link finally picked out a bow. “I'm ready, now pay attention.” He pulled back the arrow and prepared to shoot, but something wasn't quite right. If he let go of the string with it pulled back like that,
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 221 10
Rest: Link x Reader
Knock, knock.
I paused from restringing my bow in favor of listening to the rapping on my door.  “Who is it?” I called, standing up to greet my unexpected guest.  “Beedle, if it’s you, I already told you I don’t need anymore bug nets."  I pulled the door open, expecting to see the travelling salesman, but instead a blond haired, blue eyed boy stood before me.
“Hey, (Name),” the teen said flashing me a smile.
“Link!” I said, moving in to hug him, but the state of his green tunic gave me pause.  It was smudged with dirt and had a large tear across the ribs, revealing Link’s chainmail armor beneath.  There were gashes on Link’s arms and his lip was split and bleeding.
“What happened?” I asked, pulling him inside.  “You look awful!  Were you attacked?  Are you okay?”
“It’s good to see you too,” he said with a small smile, “and I
:iconquantumlocked42:quantumLOCKED42 266 59
Sick Hero - Toon Link x Reader REQUEST
He sneezed loudly, going to wipe his nose with his arm.
"Link, ew!" you shout smacking his hand away. He had gotten himself sick from falling over the edge of his boat, and you made it your duty to nurse him back to health. "A.S.A.P." as he ordered you. Bossy, bossy...You set down a hot bowl of pumpkin soup in front of him, and fix the blanket draped over his shoulders.
"Thanks..." he says, sniffling as he picked up the spoon. You simply nod to him, and go back to cleaning your cabin. He begins to loudly slurp the soup, and you shudder. No manners...How is a kid like him the descendant of The Hero? Turning to glance at him, you notice he just picked up the bowl to drink, leaving the spoon on the table. You sigh and set your broom down.
Slurping the last bits he slams the bowl down with a satisfied "AAHHH~" before wiping his face off with his sleeves. So much for stopping him earlier.
"Thanks, ____!" you shrug and sit down on one of the chairs, kicking your legs. He stares at you and bi
:iconkandy0513:Kandy0513 343 88



The Phoenix The Wight (Creepypasta)
Oh booiiiii X"DDD

I love how this piece turned out somehow! I sadly can't give a speedpaint of it QAQ


OC AND ART belongs to ME

Ani The Wight & The Wight Species belongs to Lost Wight
Susana Icon (lineless)
This is for a person in Amino, they are a very kind and sweet coin commissioner so they really deserve this!

Time Taken : 1 and a half day
App : Autodesk Sketchbook
Layers : 25

Character / OC belongs to Artur (in Amino)

Art by me

Wight Species by
Elizabeth - Lizzie (Creepypasta / Slenderverse OC)

Full Name: Elizabeth Danya Kim

Nickname(s): Lizzie, Liz, Eliza, Eli, Beth, Ms. Gore.

Creepypasta Name: 진홍색 혈액에 있는 숙녀 (Lady in crimson blood)

Gender: Female

Age: 21-22-year-old

Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

Race/Species: Human

Native language: Korean

Languages spoken: English & Korean

Zodiac Sign: Taurus (in Western Zodiac)

Snake (in Chinese Zodiac)

Occupation: Store/antique shop owner, baker, serial killer ((NOTE : Liz might be a hedonistic thrill (not comfort) serial killer)).

Are They Dead: No


Blood type: AB

Mental Disorder: OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder) & positive schizophrenia.

Habits: Often talking/mumbling, talking very fast, & having daydreams more often than a average person.

Powers/Special Abilities: Mind manipulation (most likely means good at torture and making mind slaves)

Martial arts (Taek won do & Kickboxing)

Fast reflexes


Height: 5'5

Weight: Secret

Hair color: Red (used to be Sepia color)

Hairstyle: Always puts it in a bun (either have a messy or clean type of bun) and rarely seen with her hair down

Eye color: lighter shade of brown (baked clay)

Skin: almost pale skin (pale fruit pink) but then before she has a yellowish-pink skin (Bisque)

Clothing/Style: would see her often wearing a mother or housewife-like attire with a emerald green apron saying "TWtL, TRtD" or a lavander colored apron with the words "Kiss my a*s".

But then 5-year-old to teen years Lizzie has/was often seen and recognised wearing red hoodie or a panda onesie.

Scent: Peaches or Cherries

Weapon(s): G19 (GLOCK 19) 9mm, a G17 (GLOCK 17) 9mm, a butcher's knife, & a boning knife.

Never Seen Without: an apron or her round cake pan


Overall: Before being the monster she is, Lizzie is a very soft-spoken, timid, and sweet young girl, she's usually awkward to new people mostly kids in her age since she was homeschooled, most people dislike her because of her odd behavior while some enjoy her personality, but then some shit happened and her personality shifted to the worst.

Current 24-year-old Lizzie is very cheerful and friendly woman who seems to get along very well with everyone in her neighborhood, although nobody seems to know very much about her, not even her next-door neighbors.

She does all of it for an act, When her true nature shows, her eyes become empty and soulless, and she gives-off a very disturbing smile towards the person or people she would interact.

(NOTE : AKA she's a Yangire)



Doing arts and crafts

Reusing/recycling stuffs


Making new scars on her body



Most Prized Possession(s): A G19 (GLOCK 19) 9mm that she named as "Chul Bon-hwa" or plainly just Min ((HER FAV GUN FOR KILLING)), a G17 (GLOCK 17) 9mm that she named as "Hyun Ki" or plainly Hyuk, a butcher's knife named as Ji Ah or plainly Jin, a boning knife named as Ha Rin or plainly Diana, and a plain knife (that she often gives to her victims for them to be able to do a murder-suicide)

Worst Way To Die: Be stuck in prison for eternity

Best Way To Die: Skinned alive or sentenced to death.

Worst Way To Kill: Play with their food/victims

Best Way To Kill (how they kill): Kill their victim (they kill in four ways so it depends on their mood) then cook or bake something out of them.

Targets To Killing: Her neighbors or anybody who happens to stumble their way to her and gain her interest.

Others: Her neighbors do often find to be in-peace and feel close to her because of that kind of personality and vibe she gives off but in-reality she is a serial killer who finds the pleasure in murdering, torturing, and just pure bloodlust she does love how much her neighbors adore her and praise her baking skills mostly the sweets she make out of humans. (Which ofcourse they don't know)


"Kill Yourself" - Elizabeth's catchphrase

"If life doesn’t kill you, emptiness will."

"I hate getting flashbacks, mostly from things I don’t want to remember."

Theme Song:

Favorite Season(s): Autumn & Winter

Least Favorite Season: Summer



Name: Joseph Theodore Kim

Gender: Male

Hair Style: (can't describe it much but it's mostly lot similar to Kim Taehyung's hair style)

Hair Color: dark brown/black (dark bark/leather)

Eyes Color: brown (caribe cocoa)

Elizabeth's View On Him: Very wise and intellegent, Young!Elizabeth does wish for him to be more active on his family as same as how active he is being a sucessful businessman and actor but Current!Elizabeth rather distance herself from him because she knew he will kill her himself.


Name: Quinn Joy Espiritu Kim

Gender: Female

Hair style : (it's hard to describe it than just drawing it)

Hair Color: black (pecan&cashew)

Eyes Color: brown (light walnut) ((but because of her contact lens that she use as an everyday glasses her eye color often come out as yellow (honey) or green (acid green) ))

Elizabeth's View on Her: A very sweet and polite mother but if angered would make everyone scared and so even put hell to shame, Lizzie is often scared of her because of her warfreak attitude and so being a perfectionist she is. But Current!Elizabeth broke her heart and now she (Quinn) just couldn't believe what happened to her daughter and regrets all the decisions she made.

~Older Sister~

Name: Angelica Young Kim

Age: (Before) 19-20-years-old (Now) Probably around her 30s

Gender: Female

Hair Style: Curly long hair that reaches bust

Hair Color: (Before) yellow/blond ((Base color : Yellow, Shading : Golden yellow, Lightening : Fluorescent Yellow)) (Now) Black ((Base color : Walnut, Lightening : Leather))

Eyes Color: brown

Elizabeth's view on Her: Very mean and egotistical brat, Lizzie likes her for two reasons and that is they both could get scott-free taking big pieces of pie that their grandmother baked since she (her sister) is well-liked in her family and so Liz could eat anything she wants if she (her sister) has a recital or some sort (Angel is a piano prodigy).

~Younger brother~

Name: Dawn Bong Kim

Age: (Before) 10-11-years-old or even younger (Now) probably still around his teen years (AKA 13-17)

Gender: Male

Hair Style: Looks almost like his father

Hair Color: (Before) Black ((same hair color as his mother)) (Now) orange (deep orange/pumpkin yellow)

Eyes Color: brown (same as his mother still)

Elizabeth's view on Him: A very spoiled and arrogant brat, Eli doesn't care much about him since he could handle himself and he's usually away for violin concerts (or something and yeah he's a violin prodigy)

Thanks for Creepypasta-Misery for their Creepypasta OC Bio Sheet! Here's the link to it for those who want to use it UwU :…



SakuraEgg's Profile Picture
SaKu / (Secret)
Artist | Student | Varied
Hello! I'm SaKura! Call me SaKu instead! I love art and I draw as a hobby!

(P.S Please remember that I draw more better on Phone and Paper than on PC QwQ

So please excuse my bad PC artworks)

Journal History


No journal entries yet.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


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