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[From what I have heard from ~SonicAimblu19, people on dA are giving her a rough time, hating her for her past mistakes. She is trying to become a better person, trying to move on. She already deals with enough at home in her life, no need to add more through the internet. She is truly a nice person, and wants to make up for her younger self. You can understand that feeling, right? Please watch her and support her. She's going through a lot and needs support. She just wants to be happy and be loved here. She's fixed her mistakes and moved on. She's trying to, but those who only remember her past self are holding her back. Please reach out to her. She doesn't deserve this hate, no one does. She is aware that her past self made mistakes and now her present self wishes to make amends for her future self's happiness. Her life is a mess and so she wants to escape it through dA. Please, please understand that she needs support and trust from you all. Go watch her, favorite her art, please talk to her. No one should go through this alone or at all.]
1. Real Name: Crystal O'Connor
2. Nickname: Chryis
3. Zodiac Sign: Cancer all the way! (7/11)
4. Male or Female: Female
5. Elementary: Finished 
6. Middle School: Finished
7. High School: Almost done
8. Hair Color: Brown...auburn...I don't really know
9. Long or Short: Really short
10. Loud Or Quiet: Usually quiet
11. Sweats Or Jeans: Both.
12. Phone or Camera: Phone, but I can use a camera
13. Health Freak: Not really
14. Drink or smoke: No
15. Do you have crush on someone: Yes, and in fact, we have been together for 3 years now!
16. Political orientation: N/A
17. Piercings: Once and never again
18. Tattoos: Literally can't. I'm allergic to most metals

19. Airplane: Once when I was 4
20. Car Accident: No
21. First Fight: Yes
22. First piercing: When I was really little
23. First Best Friend: Chloe and Jessica were my first best friends that I can remember.
24. First Instrument: Recorder
25. First award: Not quite sure when it was
26. First Crush: Yes <3<3
First Language: English
28. First Big Vacation: I don't really remember

29. Last Person you talked to: My brother
30. Last Person You Texted: N/A
31. Last Person You Watched: ??
32. Last Food You Ate: A beef sandwich from Portillos
33. Last Movie You Watched: Cars II
34.  Last Song You listened To: To The Sky by Owl City
35. Last Thing You Bought: N/A
36. Last Person You Hugged: My mom

37. Food: Anything sweet!
38. Clothing: Hoodies and sweatpants
39. Book: ZODIAC
40. Color: Blue
41. Flower: N/A
42. Music: Owl City (and Vocaloid)
43. Movies: Bolt
44. Shoes: Any that light up.
45. Subjects: Foreign languages
46. Favorite Anime & Shows: Love Live, Inanimate Insanity, BFDI, RWBY, Darker than BLACK, Yu-Gi-Oh! (Zexal and original along with Duel Monsters), Pokemon, Trinity Seven, Akame ga KILL, Sword Art Online, Steven Universe, Amazing World of Gumball, Gravity Falls, Tom and Jerry...I think that's it.

47. [ ] Kissed In The Snow 
48. [X] Celebrated Halloween
49. [ ] Had Your Heart Broken 
50. [ ] Went Over The Minutes On Your Cell Phone 
51. [X] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation (That someone was me)
52. [X] Came Outta The Closet
53. [ ] Gotten Pregnant
54. [ ] Had An Abortion 
55. [X] Did Something You've Regretted
56. [ ] Broke A Promise 
57. [X] Kept A Secret
58. [X] Pretended To Be Happy
59. [X] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life 
60. [ ] Pretended To Be Sick 
61. [ ] Left The Country 
62. [X]  Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it. 
63. [X] Cried Over The Silliest Thing 
64. [ ] Ran A Mile 
65. [ ] Went To The Beach 
66. [ ] Stayed Single 

67. Eating: Nothing yet
68. Drinking: Water
69. Getting ready to: N/A
70. Listening to: Love Live songs
71. Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Relax
72. Waiting For: I'm not sure

73. Want Kids: No thanks
74. Want to get married: Maybe
75. Careers in mind: Counselor, Author, 
76. Lips or eyes: Eyes that I can get lost in <3
77. Shorter Or Taller: Taller
78. Romantic Or Spontaneous: Just me
79. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms: Arms to hold me tight and never let me fall~
80. Sensitive Or Loud: Sensitive
81. Hookup Or Relationship: Relationship
82. Troublemaker Or Hesitant: Depends. Usually hesitant

83. Lost Glasses/Contacts: No, I don't need/wear either
84. Ran Away From Home: Yes
85.  Held A Weapon: No
86. Killed Somebody: Mentally, yes. Actually, no
87. Broken Someone's Heart: I hope not
88. Been Arrested: No

90. Yourself: Trying to
91. Miracles: Yes
92. Love at first sight: Yes
93. Heaven: No
94. Santa Claus: Not really
95. Creatures (Example: Unicorn, Jackalope or mermaid): Indeed
96. Magic: Y E S

97. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: There are too many people I'd like to be in the presence of right now...
98. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are: No...
99. Do you believe in god:
100. Post As 100 Truths And Tag five people: No thank you. Do this if you want to.
[Still...also yay 472 watchers! <3<3]