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What is going on---what is this mess? Help----

Still here, more active on Twitter

Still here, more active on Twitter

Title~ Hey guys! So nightmare mode aka Eclipse is now fully enabled and honestly I'm beyond lost (not to mention blind now while I try to type this journal) I'll really have to navigate this to see if I can get the hang of it. In the meantime! Commissioners, you can and WILL find me on twitter https://twitter.com/PumPuririn , you can also find me on Toyhouse on Pumpkin I'm basically there every day~ Commission wips are posted there too~! Seeing how I'm not sure how Eclipse will go and how many people will stick around, this will kick me into overdrive to finish my website so I can have my commission options there. Will likely also just use Google Forms to help me out with that. Not sure how I'll deal with adopts though because I wanted to make more once this to-do list was done with so I'll have to see about that. If anyone has any suggestions, please toss em at me~ That aside, I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during these uncertain times ;v;/ Please take care of

YCH Bomi (weekend) Icon Commissions [ OPEN ]

YCH Bomi (weekend) Icon Commissions [ OPEN ]

Hi guys~ Tiny bit of a longish story as to why I have a new set of comms open while I still have my current to do list, but the tl;dr is that I wanna get me blue light glasses to see if they help lessen my headaches and migraines which have been significantly slowing me down art wise (Animal Crossing took a big bite out of my funds and I found out just yesterday these glasses were a thing </3 ) If you wanna read the complete story, you can check it out here~ https://twitter.com/PumPuririn/status/1236784218719629312 Below is a direct copy paste from my tweet so I can keep things short and simple <3 YCH Bomi (weekend) Icon Commissions

Bedbugmoch Adopt Raffle

Bedbugmoch Adopt Raffle

The adopt is gorgeous, check it out~

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PumPurinHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
Bloop~ Leaving a message here too for those who stop by!

If you're waiting on a commission, I invite you to check the commission list here so you can see where you fall on the list and be updated on information~ I also highly recommend you follow my Twitter as I'm a lot more active there right now <3 Art is up to date there and I also post wips and open weekend commission slots there as well!

That aside, I'll be starting my week off tomorrow! I'll resume working on commissions on April 20th~ So if you follow me on Twitter and notice I haven't posted anything commission wise next week, that would be why~ Please don't fret if you are waiting on a commission. I assure you I will get to you<3

Thank you for reading and please stay safe everyone~!
PumPurinHobbyist Digital Artist
Break is over~ I took a day to try to warmup, Tuesday started working on comms again and got one more finished today~ Tomorrow I will start on the next one so fret not, your commissions should be coming at you soon enough!

Thank you all so much for your patience and please stay safe!
PumPurinHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
Henlo~! Since I have no Core and don't plan on getting myself one any time soon, I'm posting some useful links here~ /o/

Where to find me:

Commission Progress Info:
Commission List

Currently Open Commissions:
Colored 'Sketch' Chibis $27
Thigh Up Sketch Comms $22
Ploosh Chibis $15
Frosty Chibi Bust YCH $11

Currently Open Adopts:
StarLights (CS)
Off Species Winter Bunny
PumPurinHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
Please reply/comment here~ I'll try to tidy up my page a bit in the coming weeks
fenaruHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! Welcome to AdoptToday 
Thank you for joining the group~

:iconadopttoday: :iconadopttoday: :iconadopttoday:

1) Here is our folder information for your references^^ > Gallery Folder Info

2) If you're looking for exposure opportunity, check out 'permanent' feature on our group > ARTISTS FEATURED (PERMANENT)

3) Currently we had on-going adopt contest > ADOPT TODAY's ADOPT CONTEST (OPEN~)
PumPurinHobbyist Digital Artist
Aah~ Thank you for the links!
fenaruHobbyist Digital Artist
no problem^^ Hope these links help