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Running with a Goddess

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Published: January 28, 2007
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....WOW! I can't believe I pulled this off. I mean, I really, really didn't think that I could when I came up with the idea, but it looks like I did! ;~~~; *happy tears* Just for your information, I haven't touched Flash since the beginning of December...So it was really odd to try and get back into the swing of things again--; I really should try and do more with it, since I have the great system, after all, but I just can't find time.

Well, you knew it had to be coming: more fan-stuff for Okami!! :heart: :heart: Hey, I gotta retain my place in the club, right? So far I've only done one submission...But, that's all changing now! With the help of some random japanese music I found while browsing Neo, and actually having some free-time last night, I was able to construct this little peice of work in a matter of...3 hours? XD

It's Ammy! Aww...Look how cute Ammy looks just standing there blinking...and the horribly done flames going about the wheel look so cheaply constructed X3 I even think I have the markings on the fur a bit off as well, but I tried to use an adequate reference ....For all of it. Even the running part!

This is just a little interactive Flash I put together using simple things I learned from class...I thought it would be really cute and so I decided to try it. You know how, when Ammy runs, there is a trail of flowers/sparkliy grass growing behind Ammy's wake? Well, I tried redoing that..But with a trailing mouse!

If you'd recall the trailing mouse I did with the Phoenix surrounded in flames, then you pretty much know how to opperate this X3 Only this time, Ammy has a little background to run around in! In retro-spect, I probably should have tried making Ammy's legs move while running...but, I'm horrible with that, and so left it still while the grass is the only thing that moves. I had a bit of difficulty with this one, but it's really fun to play with and I hope that you enjoy it! :boogie:

Okami and all related characters (c) CloverStudios/Capcom

Flash and all drawings (except the Okami logo) (c) Me!!^^^^

Weeeee XD *plays with for hours* It's pretty simple, but fun, I'd say ;3
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walking on the sky!
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xKereiHobbyist Digital Artist
THat's amazing!!

This must've taken ages! You should do more flash stuff, you're really good at it. :) Your art looks absolutely gorgeous in flash, too :D Wish I had the patience to create such thing xDD

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Well thank you very, very much! I'm glad that you like it and it's entertaining as well ;D It actually took about three hours in all...coding, the image and everything. I would have gotten it done faster had I not messed up--;

But, thank you for the lovely comments. I must say that I adore drawing in Flash for how straight the lines are...and how well I seem to shade in Flash as well. Though I can't make things blurry with the smudge-tool, I usualy don't need it. I'll definately try to do something soon...And I'm welcome to any ideas you'd have for me in Flash! I'm pretty blank when it comes to ideas for what to do ^^;
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Hahaha, this is great! You did excellent on the main drawing! The cursor Ammy is well done as well! Heh, I though at first that it was fire trailing behind him, not flowers, due to the color... xD Oppsie. Great job! :D
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Lol. That's what all of my friends at school said about the leaves/grasses/flowers. Well, in the game, whenever Ammy moves REALLY fast, these leaves and flowers that look like they were blooming in the fall-the hues of yellow/pink and such- grow behind her. As a result (and not wanting to blend in too much with the field) I chose to do that color :3

But thank you! ^^^ I tried hard on that one XD It took forever to get the anatomy right..Particularly on the tail.
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Well, you did an amazing job! I could never pull this off... XD
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XDD Well thank you, Darkie! Trust me, though, it was a lot more work than I had anticipated..--; Evil..code not working right :shakefist:
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Heh heh... Well, you pulled it off nicely! :D
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^^ Why thank you! I'm glad that you like :3
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Gahhhhhh... *plays with for hours upon hours*

You're so gooooooood sakura.
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XDD Lol. Well, glad I could entertain you, Morf! :heart: Thank you for the comment...And this was just a little something I put together...Though, admitedly it did take three hours >>;
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Sakura!!! I love iff you!!!! You did an amazing job! I had an 1/2 hour of good fun messing with it! I am sooo envious of your flash skills! ;D This probaly like my millonith time asking though what flash program did you use? xDDDD
Sakura-Phoenix's avatar
XDDD I use Media Flash Player 7 :33 I got it for free for taking Flash class! 8DD XD But I so neglect it..This was the first time I had even touched it in over a month--;

But, I'm so glad that you had fun! It's basically just an altered copy of the Phoenix flash I did, but, hey, if it's fun for you, then I guess my job here is done. Thank you for the comment! :heart:
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Sound-of-HeavenHobbyist General Artist
I was actually halfway through reading the description before I realized the running thing was there. ^^; *oops* Sometimes I'm a little slow. But anyway, this is so cool! And extremely amusing, too; I just had Ammy run up the hill and jump off like 8 times and thoroughly enjoyed it. :) I love the flower trail! Awesome idea, and you did a wonderful job with it!
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XDDD And that is why the hill is there! :333 I was hoping that someone would think of the idea to have Ammy jump off of it like that ^^ I thought it would be pretty neat.... And heh, it's no problem at all.

I'm so glad that you like it and thank you for the compliments! I was actually quite surprised that it turned out as well as it did ^^; I hope you continue to enjoy it :3
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Totally awesome job!!! :D
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Thank you! I'm glad you like it ^^
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that's pretty nifty! Nice job
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Thank you very much ^^
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*0* *Plays with it over and over again*
This is so pretty, and very well done. I really want to play this game. >3> My sister has been hinting that she might get it for me on my birthday. *Shifty eyes*
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XD Heh, well, I'm glad that you like it! Sorry Ammy doesn't have many places to go...Perhaps I should have tried to make different backgrounds for her to run in...Hmm..*gets ideas*

Well thank you! I'm glad you like it, and I hope you are able to get the game! :nod: It's AWESOME! How far away is your birthday, if I could know?
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